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Flying High With Superheroes_


									Its becoming nearly impossible to avoid superheroes and superhero films in todays
world. switch on the television, tune in to the radio, spend ten minutes online, even
just venture outdoors, and there will most likely be an advertisement for a brand new
superhero movie. Recent flicks like the Oscar Winning The Dark Knight, and the Iron
Man and Spider Man series which were all box office blockbusters have pushed
superheroes directly into the forefront of American popular culture. Its not only major
superheroes everybody recognizes like Batman and Spiderman that are inspiring
movies either, the genre has turned out to be so popular that lesser known comics like
Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Jonah Hex, and Thor have gotten their own big budget
Hollywood makeovers.

This growth in superhero motion pictures has prompted not only a boom in popularity
for the original comics themselves, but in superhero costumes as well. Superheroes
and their corresponding villains are some of the most vibrant characters in modern
culture. They are always wearing capes and masks featuring typically dazzling colors
and putting on their getups for Halloween or a costume party makes for tons of
amusement. Children like to pretend they are their favorite heroes, who wouldnt want
to dress up in a Spiderman Costume for a day? Dressing up as a superhero can also
help your child learn values. Super heroes go out of their way to uphold the law and
defend normal citizens from crime and little ones will strive to act just like their
favorite hero when they are in their costume. They also steer clear of all of the
senseless blood and violence linked to costumes taken from slasher movies like
Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street or Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.
Even adults can have fun reliving their childhood when they wear superhero costumes
at a party, and they make for great matching costumes for groups or couples also. No
matter how old you are, who wouldnt have fun dressing up with a couple of peers as
the Ninja Turtles or the Avengers?

Superhero costumes are a perfect way to stay in touch with the times, they can be eye
catching, funny, and depending on whos wearing it, even sexy! With so many
superheroes becoming increasingly popular, and every super hero matching up with at
least one villain, the original costume possibilities are endless. I think I can see the
Bat Signal calling you already!

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