Five Tips On Animal Face Painting by aihaozhe2


									There are many kinds of face designs, but most children particularly love animal face
designs. When it comes to animal face painting, you have to be versatile and creative.
There are hundreds of animal designs out there. Each design can vary drastically. You
can create beaks, fangs, whiskers, spots and a whole lot more. With animal face
painting, you can really let your creativity go to work.

When it comes to face painting, children usually have their own share of favorites.
Some of the most popular designs among children are the dog, cat, cow, pig, tiger and
lion. If you are a beginner in animal face painting, here are a few tips on how to get

Tip 1: Prepare the base first. If you are painting a tiger, for instance, sponge the entire
face with orange. Then let it dry thoroughly before adding the details. Painting the
base first can really help you visualize the finished product.

Tip 2. Expressions tell on the emotion. When creating an animal design, decide on
what emotion you want your finished product to convey. Is it an enraged tiger or a
self-satisfied cat? This can be done by focusing on the slant of the eyebrows. If they
meet in the middle forming a v-shape, this will give off the emotion of anger. If they
are high above the eyes that indicates surprise. So be careful in drawing the eyes and
eyebrows. The emotion of your animal design will be reflected here.

Tip 3. Make a statement. If you are going for zebra stripes, make them bold and black.
If you want a lions mane, go for the golden brown color. When choosing a color
combination make sure they go together.

Tip 4. Draw first, color later. One useful technique in creating an animal design is to
draw the pattern first, then color it in later. Beginners usually have trouble with their
free hand. That is why it is recommended that a pattern be drawn first.

Tip 5. Have fun! Nothing is worth doing if it aint fun.

Painting animal designs is a great way to hone your skills in face painting. So dont
delay any further, let loose and paint away!

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