Fire Equipment For A Safer Home

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					Purchasing and properly storing fire equipment simply makes your home a safer place
to live. Most insurance companies either demand you keep fire safety equipment in
your home, or offer discounts for doing so. Something as simple as purchasing the
right fire equipment can save lives, money, and property should a fire ever break out
in your home.

When we think of fire equipment, most of us think of fire extinguishers. These are an
essential and basic part of keeping your home prepared in case of a fire. Proper
placement around the home is also essential. There should be at least one fire
extinguisher on every floor, including basements and pantries, with one near obvious
fire hazards.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are another basic essential piece of fire
equipment for the home. Even if you live in a small apartment or flat, detectors are
still necessary. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. Period. They
provide early alerts to dangerous situations in the home and give you time to wake,
leave, and ring emergency services. Special units that allow you to hit a pause button
are perfect for preventing burnt toast alarms in the kitchen area and remove your
excuses for taking the batteries out of the detector.

Second and third floors (or more if you have them) should have collapsible rope
ladders for escape from an upper floor window. This is often overlooked fire
equipment that is inexpensive to buy, easy to operate, and can save lives. Look for fire
escape ladders that have actual rungs made from plastic or other hard material to
make it easier to gain your footing. Ladders made entirely of rope tend to tangle and
are more difficult to balance on during your descent.

Fire blankets are useful for putting out small fires and extinguishing flames that have
caught on a persons clothing. Fire blankets are often used for covering children in the
event that you have to run near live flames in order to leave the burning house. For
fire equipment that has multiple uses and is easy to use, a fire blanket comes highly

Additionally, a family fire plan can help you keep account of your family members in
the event of a fire. Family fire plans should include multiple escape routes, how to
check doors for safe exit, how to use the emergency equipment, and of course, where
to meet once everyone is outside of the home.

Some families invest in oxygen masks as one of their basic fire equipment stocks.
Oxygen masks (the type that are for personal use, come with a small tank and a
mouthpiece for breathing) can prevent smoke inhalation. However, some fire
marshals do not recommend these as oxygen is a flammable substance and can cause
serious bodily injury or death if they explode. This type of fire equipment may or may
not be appropriate for your family.
Keeping your fire equipment up to date, stored safely, and ready for use can cut down
on the loss of life that occurs when a fire breaks out. Being prepared is the only way
to combat a house fire. While no one likes to think of worst case scenarios, fire
equipment in the home can save your family.

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