Finding A Perfect Belly Dancing Bra

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					The top of a belly dancing costume is typically a bra. This is as much a part of the
costume as the skirt and belt that go along with it. You will find some really great bras
available that either have embellishments or not depending on your taste. Make sure
you find one that is a perfect fit for your costume and for you.

The Styles

Belly dancing bras come in two basic styles. They are the Turkish style bra or the
Egyptian. Egypt is well known for its costume making talents and you will find both
styles of bra are made in Egypt.

The designs are plentiful in these dancing bras. Check out the retail shops and online
for all of the wonderful designs to choose from. If you need a larger size than a
standard bra, the shop will usually be able to custom order it for you.

The bras will come with embellishments in gold coins, beads or sequins. You can also
get a bra that has no adornment with jewels but has some gorgeous embroidery. You
should be able to select a bra as part of a set with a belt. The size of the bra and the fit
is an important consideration for belly dancers. It has to be fitted specifically for the
dancer and comfortable enough to dance in.

The Correct Fit

You will find that your normal bra size is not necessarily the same for a costume bra.
For instance, if a belly dancing bra is labeled 34 B and your bra size is 32 C, you
might be able to make it work with some alterations. The belly dancing bra will give
you a great deal more coverage than a standard bra.

Because of all the beads and sequins that are added to the bra you will have to have a
perfect fit. It is better to choose a size that is larger than your standard size and have it
fitted for you. You do not want to use an adjustable bra for belly dancing.

It is customary to find belly dancing bras with one strap not sewn. This allows you to
fit the strap wherever you need it to be. This will save time because you will not have
to unstitch the strap before you make your adjustments.

Bras That Are Affordable

Usually professional belly dancers pay a good deal of money for their bras. There are
bras that are appropriate for a student or amateur dancer that are more reasonably
priced. You will notice that they are lighter in weight and also come in a wide variety
of styles. The sizes are varied and they are made to be fitted for you as well.

Corset Top
The corset bra for belly dancing gives you a great fit because of the lacings. The criss
cross design of the straps offers a lot more support than a standard belly dancing bra.
This style of bra has been proven to give a lot of support and comfort for dancers
during their performance.

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