Festival Wristbands by aihaozhe2


									There are numerous variations of the festival wristband and we will explain four of
the most common varieties here. You should not just think about how the band looks
but also on what budget you have for how long they will keep.

Woven festival bracelet
Woven festivalarmband is the most common bands at the major festivals. They have a
long shelf life and sealed quickly. You can weave their own logo or text on the band.
Visitors can choose to let the band remain on the wrist, sometimes for several years,
giving publicity to the festival. Woven wristbands can be a bit different but metal
sealing is most common. You press the seal and its not possible to get off without
cutting the band. Plastic sealing is slightly different, but the only thing that is safe and
quick enough to use at major events is a sealing called "slide lock. You just simple
drag the sealing against the arm and the bracelet is closed. There are other variants
with plastic sealings, but they are not completely safe.

Tyvekarmband is the cheapest variant but also the lowest shelf life. Normally you say
that you can use a tyvekband one day, but you can use it up to maybe three. Just be
aware that there is a risk that it breaks down and the band becomes a bit dirty after a
day's use. On the other hand, they are excellent to use in water. Many public baths and
swimming pools are using this type of bracelet. These bands are also known as paper
bracelet, akband, entre bands.

Vinyl Wristband
Vinyl Tape is a plastic bracelet which is made of several layers of plastic and is more
comfortable and softer on the wrist than an ordinary plastic band. Vinyl bracelets lasts
for many days and are fast to put on the visitors wrist.

Plastic Bracelets
Plastic straps are a bit cheaper variant of the vinyl bands. Just as easy to put on your
arm but not the same soft feeling. The times I've purchased festival wristband I have
bought by Ljudbalans or Eventgross.

Lanyards and logo tape
Lanyards are a great way to get artists and technicians to stand out from the crowd.
Quickly and smoothly fasten a backstage pass to the lanyards and put it around the
neck so they come in to places that ordinary visitor does not have access to.

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