Februarys Cleanliness Checklist

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					February is here! Before long, it will be springtime and there will be a whole new list
of things to prepare for. In the interim, weve compiled a little checklist of things to
stay on top of this month. Enjoy!

February Chores:

Examine your thermostats accuracy and replace it if necessary.
Clean your clothes dryer vent duct. Its probably high time to get that thing squeaky
clean anyway, and its also important because its the number two cause of house fires!
Check fire extinguishers and refill or replace them as needed.
Clean the coils in the rear of your refrigerator unit.
Replace or clean your furnace filters.
Test your smoke detectors and replace if necessary.
Clean your stove burner grates. Those things get pretty funky, so give them a good
Wipe down and disinfect all doorknobs.
Wipe down and disinfect your kitchen cabinets.
Clean and dust all of your ceiling fan blades.

Each Week:

Dust all furniture and hard surfaces.
Vacuum and mop all floors.
Scrub and disinfect your kitchen sink.
Wipe down the surfaces of all appliances.
Clean and scrub down the shower.
Wipe down and disinfect your counters.
Scrub and disinfect all toilets (cmon, its fun!).

We hope this is helpful for you and remember: cleanliness is next to godliness!

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