Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet - Quarterbacks by aihaozhe2


									1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
2. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
3. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
4. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
5. Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals

There is no doubt that Tom Brady starts off our 2008 fantasy football cheat sheet,
coming off an NFL record 50 touchdowns. The always dominating Peyton Manning
takes the second spot, although off-season knee surgery could force him to miss most,
or all of training camp. The battle for the third spot in our rankings was a little murky
but we gave the edge to Tony Romos touchdowns over Drew Brees yards. If your
league devalues touchdowns you should bump Brees to third.

6. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
7. Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns
8. Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks
9. Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers???
10. Eli Manning, New York Giants

Big Ben Roethlisberger barely misses the cut for the top five in this years fantasy
football cheat sheet, but has a very good chance to make the leap if he can follow up
his career year with a strong season. Brett Favre is a total wild card at this point, we
list them as a Packer, but who knows what uniform he will be wearing by the time
training camp rolls around. Derek Anderson shocked the fantasy world throwing 29
touchdowns but with no track record to go on, he is the riskiest pick in the top ten.

11. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
12. Jay Cutler, Denver Broncos
13. Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams
14. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
15. Matt Schaub, Houston Texans
16. David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars
17. Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers
18. Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions
19. Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins
20. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay Packers

Donovan McNabb struggled last season, battling back from an ACL injury he suffered
in 2006. If he can remain healthy McNabb could be the biggest quarterback bargain
this year. Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has all the tools to be a top ten quarterback,
but his diabetic condition may hold him back, especially late in the season. The
Panthers Jake Delhomme has recovered quickly from Tommy John surgery and with
receivers Muhsin Muhammad and DJ Hackett in the fold, along with pro-bowler
Steve Smith, Delhomme could be in for a big year if he is truly healthy. New Green
Bay starting quarterback Aaron Rogers will look to step out of Brett Favres shadow
that is if Favre isnt standing on the field next to him.

21. Vince Young, Tennessee Titans
22. Jeff Garcia, Tampa Bay Bucs
23. JeMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders
24. Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals
25. Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers
26. Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills
27. Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears
28. Chad Pennington, New York Jets
29. Kyle Boller, Baltimore Ravens
30. Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings

Vince Young is a very exciting player, but unless you get points for excitement, jersey
sales and magazine covers, Young is a very average fantasy football quarterback.
JeMarcus Russell will be a great quarterback someday, but this year is probably not
the year he takes a big step. Chad Pennington will have a battle for the starting job
during training camp with Kellen Clemens nipping at his heels. Well give Pennington
the starting job for now, but Clemens will take it over by year end, if not sooner.
Tarvaris Jackson rounds out our 2008 fantasy football cheat sheet but we could see
some improvement with the revamped Vikings offense around him.

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