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					Maternity Portraits, and Child Portrait Photography, and Family Portrait
Photographycan be some of the most important pictures you ever take in your life.
And its quite easy to see why.

Becoming married, having children, and having a family are often the most important
aspects of a persons life. Memories of those precious moments are held dear all our
lives, and are far from the memories we want to forget.

So we take pictures, photography allows us to capture the essence of memories we
never want to lose. But there are many things you can do to make sure those
memories are represented in your photography as well as they are represented in your

Being pregnant is a joyful experience, that often times remind us of the glory of
nature. Maternity portraits also capture expectant mothers in their most beautiful state.
The first and most important thing you need to decide on for your important portrait is
a themesome photographers choose to go more artistic and will want to shoot you in
black and white or very high contrast backgrounds. Others will try to take a stance
that places an emphasis on the natural aspect of your pregnancythese photos will often
result in a much more calm and carefree themed maternity portrait.

The most important part is that you know what you want, and come to the
photographer with that in mind; ready to explain your specific wants or needs, as to
make sure your photographer does not hijack your own memoriesand take your
portrait into a direction you dont agree on.

After your maternity portraits, theres no doubt the next logical step would be child
portrait photographyyour children are no doubt part of the memories you want to
capture forever. And people often have times doing portraits for their children. And
this really goes into the nature of what a portrait is. The word portrait exudes a formal
theme, and in this aspectmany photographers get the child portrait incorrect.

Its important to work with the dynamic energy that is emitted from the absolute
care-free fun nature of childhood. You want your children to be captured by the
photographer with a smile on their face, you want them to be having fun. Dynamic
subjects, specifically with child portraits; make more for interesting subjects, and
definitely capture the mood and element that parents expect to feel when they see
their children.

Oh and one more small tip when it comes to child portraitsnever say cheese! Kids
think its too cheesy, and likely wont laugh. Try to surprise them with a word that will
make them laugh and snap the picture at the perfect moment! Lastly, kids are not
adultsthey dont have the same attention spam or ability to focus on tasks that you feel
need to get done, so never get impatient. Dont show any bit of anger or frustration,
remember the photos you capture will ultimately reflect how you feel.

And years later, in the comfort of the family you builtyou realize theres one more
memory you want to capture. Youre whole family together, and unbreakable bond that
needs to be properly represented. How can you make your family portrait perfect?

The first question is to ask, how do you want your family to be represented? Do you
want a formal portraitwith low energy; or do you want your family to be represented
as unit, in joywith expressions, using energy. Sometimes informal family portraits can
be the best onesthink back on old photographs you have, candids with your closest
friends of the past.

Sometimes photos like this can make us feel all sorts of emotions, and bring back
memories we forgot we had. And for family portrait photographer its all about you
photographer: can he capture the right kind of energy you want in the memories of
your family?

Our memories are the most precious things we have, and our memories of our
familiestake precedence over all. So make sure your Maternity Portraits, and Child
Portrait Photography, and Family Portrait Photography are absolutely perfect. Contact
a photographer that can properly represent your memories and give you something
youll cherish forever.

No matter what occasion or event, you should contact Kat Shadian at K.O.
Photography Studio
in Los Angeles at 877.482.6365, and make sure your memories are in good hands.