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					Face painting is something admired by the people of all ages. It is very famous on
certain occasions and parties. The face painting section is a fun addition to the
holidays, birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween parties and adult get-togethers. It
adds charm and excitement to the party.

Children are much excited about the face painting sessions. They like to paint their
faces with alluring designs. These designs may be linked to the choice of the kids or
according to the theme of the party. It is not confined to the parties of kids but is also
very famous among adults. They organise special face painting parties.

You can have every kind of design on your face and other body parts. It is a skill,
where a professional face painter shifts the colours to the living canvas. You can also
paint your face yourself. For face painting, you require a set of different sized brushes,
sponge, stencils, certified paints and artificial temporary tattoos. The paint should be
of high quality to avoid any skin damage.

The face painting designs vary with age and the sex. Kids are more inclined towards
the designs of their favourite cartoon characters. Among kids, boys like Spiderman,
Mickey Mouse, Superman, Rival, Ghost, skull face and Monster designs. These
designs are painted with the alternate colour selection. For example, the painter may
paint a red Spiderman or a grey Spiderman. These designs require the full painted
face. This is done with the help of the sponge.

Girls are more inclined towards the delicate face paint designs. They like colourful
butterflies, fairies, different coloured flowers, princess, fruits and vegetables, Barbie
dolls, and witch designs. The face painter creates these beautiful designs by making
use of their wide colour range. There are certain designs equally famous among girls
and boys. These designs include tigers, wolfs, clowns, rabbits, frogs and Easter

Adults have a different taste as compared to kids. Mostly, the face painting in the
adults is according to the theme of the party. The most common designs are the skull
faces, ghosts, clowns and devils. The trend of using UV paints is becoming very
common. The designs made from the UV inks glow in the darkness of the clubs. It is
quite a controversial option due to its potential hazards for the skin.

Adult girls are inclined toward partial face paints. They like to apply light colours to
their face. They mostly love to have a delicate design near their eyebrows. These face
paint designs are often supplemented by the use of small and glowing beads. The
beads are selected according to the colour of the dress. They also like to have similar
designs over their neck.

Apart from the age and the sex, the face paint designs are specific according to the
occasion. On Christmas, people like to paint their faces with the Christmas colours;
red and white. The Halloween parties are characterised by the scary faces. They
include vampires, ghost and other scary scars on the face and body. Thus, these
designs can help to adorn your face according to the occasion.