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									                                      Practice Marketing Agreement
PEARL DENTAL PRACTICE TRANSITIONS as CONSULTANT, and (name)_____________________________

of (business)_____________________________________ as SELLER and              the owner of DENTAL PRACTICE

offered for sale at: (address)_____ _____________________________________________________________________

1)   SELLER understands that CONSULTANT has an exclusive right to sell/merge this practice. During the listing
     period Seller will not sell or attempt to sell this practice apart from CONSULTANT nor will SELLER engage the
     services of any other agent or broker. Seller must refer ALL contacts and/or inquiries regarding the sale of said
     practice to CONSULTANT during the listing period.
2)   In consideration for the services listed performed by CONSULTANT on behalf of SELLER, SELLER agrees to
     pay CONSULTANT at the time of closing, in cash, cashier’s check, bank draft or wire transfer, a commission of
     the greater of FIVE PERCENT (5%) of the total actual PRACTICE sale price or TEN THOUSAND ($10,000.00)
     DOLLARS including all practice assets except for real estate. This fee paid to CONSULTANT does not depend
     upon the collection of any amounts by SELLER at the time of closing. The performance fee shall be due and
     payable according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement if the Practice is sold, conveyed, merged into
     another practice or entity, or in any manner transferred (I) within the term of the Agreement regardless of Buyer or
     other transferee, or (II) within two (2) years after the termination of this Agreement if Buyer or other transferee is
     one with whom SELLER or CONSULTANT had negotiations or contact regarding the sale or transfer of the
     Practice during the term of this Agreement.
3)   SELLER and CONSULTANT agree that CONSULTANT shall be engaged and paid for the sole purpose of
     soliciting an offer to purchase SELLER’S PRACTICE which results in the sale of SELLER’S PRACTICE.
4)   The TERM of this AGREEMENT shall begin on the above written date and shall continue for one hundred twenty
     (120) days and shall automatically renew for an additional one hundred twenty (120) days until terminated by
     either party by giving ten days advance written notice or until the PRACTICE is sold and all terms and conditions
     of this AGREEMENT are fulfilled.
5)   SELLER agrees to indemnify and hold CONSULTANT harmless and defend from any and all loss, damage, suits
     and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of defense incurred by CONSULTANT or to the
     purchaser of the PRACTICE.
6)   If any deposit is forfeited by a prospective PURCHASER, SELLER shall distribute one-half of the deposit to
     CONSULTANT and SELLER shall be entitled to retain one-half of the deposit.
7)   Should any action be commenced to enforce CONSULTANT’S rights herein, the laws of the State of Georgia
     shall control. Suit will be brought in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Seller acknowledges that Consultant and its representatives serve in
a marketing role to promote the introduction of prospective Buyers to Seller. Seller is fully
responsible for the selection of Buyers to engage with in communication, evaluation and an
eventual sale. Consultant and its representatives make no guarantees related to the marketing
process, the sale of a practice and matters related to the practice sale after closing as this is
the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. Seller acknowledges that Seller has read and
understands this agreement.

Please sign your name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Please print your name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Please write your corporate name: ____________________________________________________________________

By its President: please sign here: ____________________________________________________________________

Please write the date here: __________________________________________, 201______

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