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					Everybody Loves Raymond,The story is about the life of Italian-American Ray
Barone, a newspaper sportswriter, who lives with his wife, Debra Barone, their
daughter, Ally, and their twin sons, Micheal and Geoffrey. Ray's parents and jealous
self-doubting brother Robert never gave Ray or his family a moment of peace. Ray
often finds himself in the middle of someone else's problems and usually ends up
being the one blamed, often by Debra and Robert.

Everybody Loves Raymond was premiered on the 13th of September 1996, on CBS
and lasted 16th of May 2005. In the 9 season run, the series has been nominated in
Emmy Awards for several categories, two Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild

List of Characters in the Show:
Ray Barone (Ray Romano) grew up in an unbalanced household where one parent
nurtured, sometimes to an extreme, while the other tried to reverse his wife's work. He
works as a sportswriter and is on the road a lot with professional sports teams
covering the games. At home, he usually sits on the couch watching television.

Debra Barone (Patricia Heaton) s the nagging and often stressed wife of Raymond
Barone. Debra comes from a loving, caring and wealthy family and has often found
her husbands brood shockingly different from her own. Debra has endured much from
Raymonds mother, Marie, who often barges into their household to criticize Debras
abilities as a housewife, cook and homemaker.

Robert Barone (Brad Garrett) the older brother of Raymond, played by actor Ray
Romano. Conceived out of wedlock, he was born to parents Marie and Frank. He
worked as a workaholic cop and was famous for his sibling rivalry with Raymond.
Despite his jealousy, he was still perceived as a caring uncle and one of Raymonds
closest friends. Throughout the show, he was also noted for his quirky habits and

Marie Barone (Doris Roberts) is a intrusive, meddlesome, somewhat insulting wife to
Frank Barone and mother to Robert and Raymond. Marie is a superb cook,
homemaker, housewife and mother, albeit, sometimes, to a fault. In a bizarre and
inexplicable twist, she has a completely unbalanced sense of motherhood towards her
two sons. While totally devoted, over-nurturing and obsessive towards Raymond, she
is equally uninterested, unmindful and neglectful of Robert. She is especially critical
of Debra, Raymonds wife, and constantly criticizes her cooking and household skills.
Marie is also fond of exaggerating and making matters worse by blowing things way
out of proportion.

Frank Barone (Peter Boyle) is the crude, crass and rather slovenly husband to Marie
Barone and father to Robert and Raymond. His favorite pastimes are eating and
television and he often forgets to zip his pants, which has been the object of much
ribbing from the rest of the family. Frank loves to eat and will devour anything,
including Debras less than remarkable cooking. Often derisive and sorely lacking in
etiquette and decorum, Franks normal response to most things is his trademark Holy
crap! expression.

With the end of the season, the Barone also guest in some television sitcoms like The
King of Queens, Cosby, The Nanny and Becker. The success of the show's title was
even spoofed by Chris Rock's own sitcom, entitled Everybody Hates Chris.

Everybody Loves Raymond in now release on DVD.

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