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									Our History
The official founding date of Mt. Washington Baptist Church was May 17, 1953,
although by then, much work and planning had gone into the establishment of the church.

In 1953, the call was extended to Dr. Harold R. Ely to serve as pastor organizing the new
church, and the 123 charter members were determined. Members at the inaugural Annual
Business Meeting adopted the first church constitution and organized the church’s boards
and committees in 1954.

The present site on 2021 Sutton Avenue was purchased in 1962. In 1963, Dr. Harold Ely
retired, and Dr. Paul Warford became the new pastor. Groundbreaking ceremonies for
phase one (the two-story section including fellowship hall and the adjacent ground-level
education wing) of the church’s new facilities took place in 1965. In 1966, the church
moved into its newly finished building.

Dr. Warford resigned in 1971. Dr. Michael Brandy was called to be the new pastor, and
his first official worship service was held on April 1, 1972. Dr. Brandy led the church for
the next twenty-one years until his retirement in 1993.

The Mt. Washington Baptist Nursery School (later renamed the Preschool) began
operations in 1972, and is still in existence today. Ground was broken for phase two (the
sanctuary and other facilities) of the building process in 1975, with dedication services
being held on September 12, 1976.

In 1977, a land utilization committee was formed to determine the use of the vacant land
at the rear of the church property. The vision was generated to develop a retirement
community to meet the needs of the growing elderly population of Mt. Washington and
surrounding areas. Through much hard work, the Sutton Grove Retirement Community
became a reality, opening its 75 units in 1989.

The Mt. Washington Baptist Day Care opened in September 1979. It is still in existence

In 1992, Rev. Chris Barnett was called as Associate Pastor, to meet the congregation’s
growing needs. Upon Dr. Brandy’s retirement in 1993, Rev. Barnett was installed as the
fourth pastor of the church. His ministry as pastor began August 22, 1993.

Shortly thereafter, Rev. Barnett was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and resigned in
1996 due to health concerns. Dr. James Menninger accepted the call to serve as interim
minister in 1996, and was later called in 1997 as the full-time Senior Pastor.

The Sutton Grove Retirement Community was sold to a private company in 1996.
In 1997, the church held a mortgage burning ceremony to celebrate the church’s new
“debt-free” status. Also that year, the church’s first van was purchased to provide
transportation to youth events, Sunday School outings, and to help members and guests to
attend worship services and other activities.

On June 7, 1998 an ordination ceremony was held for Dr. Menninger. Under Dr.
Menninger’s leadership, in 1999 the church began offering a second Sunday worship
service more contemporary in style. The “traditional” service was moved to 9:00 a.m.
and the “contemporary” service was added at 11:15 a.m., with Sunday School in between
at 10:15 a.m. This arrangement still exists today.

As a new century dawned, the church entered a time of staff transition. Rev. Harold
Chilton and Dr. John Gilmore both served short terms as Associate Ministers due to
family and/or health reasons. In 2001, Jane DeVore accepted a part-time position as
Minister of Pastoral Care.

In 2001, Carrie Owings was hired as Youth Director for the Middle School and High
School ministries.

In July 2002, Dr. Menninger announced his resignation. During the interim period
without a full-time pastor, Dr. C. Richard Swanson and Dr. Bill Hamren served as interim

In July 2003, Dr. Rob Schlatter was called as Senior Pastor.

In September of 2006, the position of Youth Director was discontinued and a new
position, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries, was created to address the needs of
children and youth in our church and community.

Who We Are

The Mt. Washington Baptist Church ministers primarily to the communities of Mt.
Washington and Anderson Township. Mt. Washington is a stable residential Cincinnati
neighborhood located on the east side of the city. Along with its quaint downtown shops,
city park, pool and recreational center, the residents of Mt. Washington are fortunate to
have one of the best elementary schools in the Cincinnati Public School System (Mt.
Washington Elementary), a much sought-after Montessori elementary school (Sands
Montessori), and a well-respected Catholic High School (McNicholas High School). The
current residential population is around 12,200. Demographically, Mt. Washington is
comprised of the following:
       The two largest age segments are “under 19 years old” and “25-64”.
       Of the 9,200 households the income levels are: 47% above $50,000; 16%
        between $35,000-$49,999; 12% between $25,000-$34,999; 20% between
        $10,000-$24,999; 5% below $10,000
       Median household income is $46,647.
       72% of occupations of residents are labeled as “white collar”.
       38% have a college degree or higher (largest demographic)
        93% of the population is white, with the remaining racial composition primarily
        involving African-American and Hispanic.

Adjacent to Mt. Washington is Anderson Township – a much larger and more affluent
suburban community. Anderson Township has been named as one of Cincinnati’s most
livable neighborhoods. In addition, its Forest Hills School District has been rated one of
the best public school systems in the state of Ohio. With a population around 43,000, it is
comprised of the following demographics:

       The two largest age segments are “35-54” and “under 18”
       69% of occupations of residents are labeled as “white collar”.
       38% have a college degree or higher (largest demographic).
       Income levels: 11% make $150,000 or greater, 13% between $100,000-$149,000,
        16% between $75,000-$99,999, 20% between $50,000-$74,999, 14% make
        $35,000-$49,999, 10% between $25,000-$34,999, 8% between $15,000-$24,999,
        8% make under $14,999.
       Anderson Township is 97% white/Caucasian.

The racial make-up of our congregation tends to reflect the demographics of both


        Rev. Dr. Rob Schlatter       Senior Pastor
        Jim Cagle                    Choir Director and 9:00 a.m. Worship Leader
        J.C. Young                   11:15 a.m. Worship Leader/Band Director
        Dianna Dyer                  Organist
        Martha Cass                  Church Secretary
        Jeannie Slone                Office Manager
        Holly McIntosh               Day Care Director
        Tammy Caldwell               Preschool Director
        Terry Jones                  Maintenance
        Pam Leiman                   Janitorial
                                      Sunday Worship

                                      Our congregation offers
                                      two worship services on
                                      Sunday mornings. Our
                                      9:00 a.m. service has a
                                      more American-European
                                      traditional style of
                                      worship to God. This
                                      worship service utilizes
                                      more traditional hymns, a
                                      choir, a piano and organ,
                                      reciting the Lord’s
                                      Prayer, a children’s
                                      message, and other
                                      various elements.
                                      Attendance at this service
                                      varies from 90-120.

Our 11:15 a.m. service utilizes a
more informal style of worship.
Modern worship songs along with
newly arranged music for
traditional hymns are played by a
full band consisting of electric
guitars, drums, keyboard, and other
instruments. Various mini-movies
and other media are often used to
express our worship to God. The
worship in this service also uses a
children’s message, along with
other forms of worship.
Attendance at this service varies
from 60-85.
                                     Denominational Affiliation and Involvement

                                     Mt. Washington Baptist Church is a member church
                                     of the American Baptist Churches of the USA . We
                                     are also actively involved at the regional level with
                                     the American Baptist Churches of Ohio, and on the
                                     associational level, with the Miami Baptist
                                     Association (consisting of American Baptist
                                     Churches in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas).

Our congregation offers financial support to both our denomination’s mission efforts and
other American Baptist ministries. In addition, various individuals participate in Miami
Baptist Association meetings/dinners, regional meetings training events, and camping
and conference programs (especially Camp Kirkwood in Wilmington, OH).

Financial Information

Our 2007 church budget is projected to be around $400,000.

The church has no outstanding debt and owns all of its property and facilities.

The church’s Day Care and Preschool, although separate entities from one another, have
a combined budget around $550,000.

The church also has a well-endowed scholarship fund that provides financial assistance to
students attending post-high school educational institutions.

Location and Facilities
The church property and facilities are located in the heart of Mt. Washington on the well-
traveled thoroughfare of Sutton Avenue.

The main church building consists of two sections. The section built first (1966) is a
three-story building with ground level access to all levels. The upper level houses the
Fellowship Hall, with stage area, and an adjacent kitchen area. The ground level houses
the educational wing, including the nursery. The lower level houses the weekday
Preschool and some Sunday School rooms.

The second section, dedicated in 1976, contains the sanctuary and library at ground level.
The lower level area houses some Sunday School classes, the weekday Day Care facility,
and the choir room.
The entire facility is air-conditioned. The sanctuary and fellowship hall both have audio
and video equipment. The sanctuary was remodeled in December of 2006, which
included the following renovations: new chair seating, new lighting, new carpet, and a
new stage/pulpit area.

All three levels of our facility are wheel chair accessible from outside entrances. A new
chair lift is being installed on the interior to connect the fellowship hall to the other part
of our building.

The church currently owns one house on the south side of the facility. The house at 2005
Sutton Avenue is used for offices and meetings. Currently, the youth center for the
Middle School and Senior High is in the basement of this house.

Children’s Ministry
                                                                  The following list includes
                                                                  various activities and
                                                                  ministries that the children
                                                                  of MWBC participate in or
                                                                  have been involved with in
                                                                  the recent past:

                                                                  Sunday School –
                                                                     We offer classes for
                                                                     all ages.
                                                                  Children’s Church
                                                                     – Children are
                                                                     encouraged to
                                                                     worship with their
                                                                     families each week.
                                                                     As an added
                                                                     ministry, midway
      through worship children ages 4-3rd grade are welcome to leave the worship
      service and gather with a teacher(s) for a 20-25 minute activity (this takes place
      during the sermon). Children remain in worship once per month on communion
     Pioneer Clubs – The program is offered on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. Kids
      K-6th grade are divided up into age groups where they are involved in various
      learning activities to teach them how Jesus is involved in every area of life.
     Vacation Bible School – Each year we host a community VBS that draws around
      125-140 kids from the church and surrounding areas.
     Nursery – We offer nursery ministry to parents during our Sunday morning
      programs and on Wednesday nights.
 Community Easter Egg Hunt – For the past number of years we have hosted this
  activity as an outreach event for the church. We tend to reach over 100 children
  (along with their families).

 Christmas Program – Each
  year the children of the
  church perform a
  Christmas play/musical for
  the congregation.
 Children’s Sunday – We
  traditionally have set aside
  one Sunday in June to
  recognize the children of
  the church. It typically has
  been the Sunday following
  Vacation Bible School.
  The children will lead most
  of the worship service.

                                                          Youth Ministry
                                                   The youth ministry of Mt.
                                                   Washington Baptist Church
                                                   encompasses approximately 20
                                                   students in the age group of
                                                   seventh grade through twelfth
                                                   grade. Below is a listing of
                                                   some of the various ministries
                                                   and activities this age group has
                                                   been or is involved with:

                                                        Sunday School –
                                                           Currently both middle
                                                           school and high school
                                                           students meet together
                                                           for a 45-50 minute class
                                                           each Sunday.
 Youth Group Meeting – Up until recently, the youth have met on another night of
  the week for another gathering to learn about Jesus and applying Him to their
  lives. This has been temporarily discontinued since the Youth Director position
  was phased out.
 Service and Mission Projects – The youth have taken mission trips to London,
  Mexico, and Belize. Locally, the youth have done service projects with a variety
  of mission groups.
 5th Quarter Coffee House – Up until about two years ago, as an outreach activity,
  the youth would host a coffee house and Christian band night in our fellowship
  hall once per month.
 C.I.Y. (Christ in Youth) – Each year a group attends the local regional gathering
  of this youth event.
 Icthus (Outdoor music festival) – Each year a group from our church attends this
  weekend-long music festival and teaching event.
 School Bible Studies – Our previous Youth Director started various bible study
  groups that meet in local high schools. These are teen-led groups. Some of our
  students at MWBC attend these groups.
 Fun Outings – Typically the youth gather monthly for various get-togethers to
  bond and have fun.

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