Easy Eggplant Ideas by aihaozhe2


									If youve ever been drawn to those lovely burnished purple vegetables in the market,
then you probably wondered how to prepare easy eggplant dishes. There are a number
of ways to prepare these luscious veggies, but for those who have only ever had them
wrongly prepared, eggplants arent very interesting. This article can help you change
the way you think of eggplant.

Easy eggplant dishes abound, but first, you need the right vegetable. There are a few
varieties of eggplants, with the egg shaped dark purple ones being most common.
Look for smaller firm fruits that are heavy for their size to ensure the best quality.
Avoid any that have wrinkled skin, since these will usually be bitter. The bigger the
eggplant, the more tough seeds it will contain, so be careful of this, as well. A good
size to aim for is the same length as your hand.

Once you have a good quality vegetable, youre ready to start preparing easy eggplant
dishes. Its not as difficult as you might think.

Eggplant on its own can be kind of boring. Youll probably notice that most recipes
call for salting the eggplant or sitting in salt water. This helps draw out the bitter
juices and will also firm up the flesh so it is easier to cook with.

There are a few things that go very well with any eggplant dish. Garlic, tomatoes and
olive oil all compliment this vegetable extremely well, for example. In fact, a very
quick and easy eggplant recipe is to just chop the eggplant, a few tomatoes and some
garlic and cook them all up in some olive oil. Serve on bread or over rice and you
have yourself a lovely meal.

Another popular way to cook this plant is to slice into steaks and brush with herbs and
oil, then grill them. If you dont have a grill, you can just use a hot frying pan to sear in
the flavors.

Not sure how to serve the eggplant once its cooked? Well, if you have a sauce-like
dish, you can serve it over pasta or rice. Many recipes do well on toast, as well.
Grilled steaks can be turned into a simple, yet delicious sandwich or chopped or
blended to create a salad or soup thats extra good for you.

Dont be afraid to try easy eggplant dishes. Even if they seem simple, these dishes can
be delicious!

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