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					Probably every kid in the world sometimes thinks about becoming a magician. It
doesnt matter it comes from watching master magicians like David Blaine or Criss
Angel perform their amazing street magic acts, or from reading one of the great
fantasy novels, each and every one of us sometimes wishes to be able to learn magic
tricks and have fun while entertaining an audience. And while it may not be possible
to do it quite like Harry Potter or Milamber, its fun to learn a few cool easy card tricks
if you follow the instructions and tips found on this: Easy Card Tricks websites or in
other sources.

Easy card tricks are very fun to learn once you read a guide or have someone explain
them to you. For example an easy card trick that wont require any optical illusions or
sleight of hand (meaning its very simple) can be done like this: from your pocket get a
normal deck of playing cards, shuffle them and have a spectator pick any card,
concentrate on it, put it at the top of your deck and cut the cards, once youve went
through these steps, amaze your friends by guessing the card on the first try. The
secret behind this easy card magic lies in the bottom card, while you finish shuffling
the deck, take a quick look at it because once the deck is cut, that card will always
land on top of the chosen card.

Here I will teach you some very basic but mind blowing easy card tricks that require
no prior preparation. For the first trick, you have to follow these instructions.

* Take a deck of card, and shuffle it thoroughly. You can also ask one of your
spectators to do it.
* Now hold the deck so that the cards are facing the spectators and the back of the
deck is towards you.
* Pull out the second card, third card and fourth card from the deck and hold them in a
fan formation, and wedge them at the back of the deck.
* Allow the top card to remain in place so that the spectators do not know about this
extra card.
* Display the three fanned cards to the spectators, hiding the extra card behind the
fanned cards.
* Ask the spectators to select a card from the fanned cards by making them point at it.
* Assign a number to each card like one, two and three and ask the spectators to
remember the card based on the number.
* After the spectator are done selecting a card by naming a number, gather the cards
on top of the deck and allow the unseen first card to stay on top.
* Count the number of spectators who have selected the cards and take that many
cards from the top of the deck and push them into the middle of the deck.
* Now utter some magic words and display the top card to show the spectator his card
that has magically risen to the top.

For the next trick, you will again need a deck of cards and some prior practice of the
trick, before showing it to your audience.
* First prepare the deck of cards by separating it into two decks by color; one black
and the other red.
* Put one colored deck over the other without shuffling them.
* Now before performing before an audience, separate the two decks again and place
them in a table over a cloth with their face down.
* Ask an audience member to come up and choose a card at random from each pile,
memorize them and place them in the opposite pile from which it was selected.
* Now ask the person to shuffle each deck separately and then place the two decks
together, one over the other.
* Now you look through the cards and find the two cards that do not match the color
of the cards that are surrounding it.
* Voila! You have learn another easy card tricks for beginners.

These were some easy card tricks for beginners that you can master quickly with a
little practice. There are some amazing magic card tricks as well as free easy card
tricks for beginners that you can learn online. At this Easy Card Tricks website you
can learn many great magician do card magic tricks and that pretty easy actually, just
download and watch but dont forget to practice, enjoy

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