Dental Insurance Manager Duties

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					                                                      LEE COUNTY
                                             FISCAL YEAR 2010 - 2011 BUDGET
                                                  NEW POSITION FORM

                                        POSITION DESCRIPTION AND LOCATION
Department Name:                                                                Department Manager:
Division Number:                                                                  Manager contact #:
Requested Position Title:                                                       Number of Positions:
Fiscal Year:
Is the Position Permanent?                   Yes        No                    If no, how many years?
Hours per Week:                                               Salary Grade:              Total Cost:
                                                     PERSONNEL COST
Salary per Employee                                                                   $0.00              Department calculates Salary,
FICA (Salary x .0765)                                                                 $0.00             FICA, Insurance, and Retirement
                                                                                                       (See Human Resources for Salary)
Retirement                      Retirement    LEO or Firefighter Retirement           $0.00
Health Insurance                                                                       N/A
Dental Insurance                                                                       N/A
                                                                                                        Finance will calculate Worker's
Life Insurance                                                                         N/A                      Compensation
Worker's Compensation                   Code
                                  Total Personnel Costs excluding W. C.               $0.00
                        RECURRING COSTS (Example: cellular phone, office supplies, training)
Description of Items                                                                                              Amount

                                                                               Total Recurring Costs                $0.00
 NON-RECURRING COSTS (Example: vehicle, desk, computer) If considered capital item (cost greater
                        than $5,000) fill out capital request form.
Description of Items                                                                                              Amount

                                                                               Total Recurring Costs                $0.00
                                               SIGNATURE OF APPROVAL
Department MGR:                                                                               Date:
Finance Director:                                                                             Date:
Recommended                                  Approved
* Add additional sheets for job duties and justification (Required)

                                                                                                               Revision 01/18/2007

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