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									                                                                       Acct. #________________

                         CONSIGN & DESIGN

Address ______________________________________________________________


Consign & Design and the Consignor agree to all the following terms:

   1. Consign & Design accepts home furnishing and home décor items that are NOT out
      dated, and must be CLEAN and no repair required.
   2. Consign & Design accepts primitives and antiques.
   3. Consign & Design agrees to pay the Consignor 60% of the actual sell price on all furniture
      and 50% on all home décor.
   4. Payment to Consignor will be available for pickup at the store within 30 days of actual
   5. Term for new contract is 60 days. If item has not sold within the first 30 days, Consignor
      gives their consent to Consign & Design to reduce price by 10%.
   6. Consignor guarantees ownership of listed merchandise.
   7. Consign & Design will do their very best to take care of all merchandise consigned to sell,
      but will not be held liable of damage by fire, theft, accident, or any other cause.
      Merchandise should be covered by Consignor's homeowners insurance policy.
   8. After 60 days if merchandise is not sold, Consign & Design will notify Consignor to
      pickup merchandise within a designated amount of time. If items are not picked up they
      will be come the sole property of Consign & Design to be either donated or disposed of.

Items for consignment:                                            Suggested Retail Price






Consignor's signature_______________________________________Date_______________

Consign & Design Rep________________________________________________________

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