Design and Construction Using Insulating Concrete Formwork

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Using Insulating Concrete Formwork
Insulating Concrete Formwork
A Modern Method of Construction (MMC)
   A building system where EPS provides formwork
   for in-situ concrete structure. It is then left in place
   for permanent insulation

   Moulded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) formwork
   with integral ties/bridges

   Also called ‘Permanent Insulated Formwork’,
   ‘Thermo Forms’ or ‘Wallform’ in the UK
ICF is used for
- Housing
ICF is used for
- Basements
ICF is used for
- Shops, cinemas
ICF is used for
- Swimming pools, leisure facilities
ICF is used for
- Schools
The ICF system
 There are many different ICF products

 They differ in the
 details of their
                      Please view
 shapes, cavities
                      video clip 1
 and component
 parts (ties).
The ICF system
  Three main types:

   Block systems
                      Please view
   Plank systems      video clip 2
   Panel systems
The ICF system
  Four types of cavities:

    Flat block

    Grid block          Please view
                        video clip 3
    Post and beam

    Flat panel
Examples of cladding
Brick cladding identical to traditional brick and
block houses
  Examples of cladding
                            Tile hung

                   Brick slips

                         Timber clad

Render can be
applied directly
to ICF
ICF key benefits
   Design flexibility
   Speed of construction
   Cost effectiveness

Egan and Latham compliant
The future
   Incorporating developments in self-compacting
   concrete and fibre reinforced rendering, ICF is
   rapidly becoming a popular MMC
   More creative design
   System integration
   Regulations & specifications (lower insurance
 For more information:
       Tel.: 0700 4 500 500

The UK ICFA is affiliated to the ICFA of North America.

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