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Biking and Health


There are lots of researches’ conclusions that biking (or cycling) is most suitable for improving health of the population.

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									Biking and Health

More and more people that I know start to bike. Instead of going to a gym for
practicing, biking provide a more colorful and enjoying activity with friends and with

But people adapt this sport activity not only for social adventure and experience, but
also for the benefits in terms of health. Biking is perceived by many as a healthy sport
activity, and is recommended by family therapist for adults, as well as for youngsters.

There are lots of researches’ conclusions that biking (or cycling) is most suitable for
improving health of the population. Specifically biking is most used for people that
want and need to improve their cardiovascular performance. Also is reported that
biking has positive affect for people with arthritis at their legs. This is under the
assumption that the harm to the knees is minor. However, massive and extreme
cycling can harm one’s knees. On the other hand, when used correctly, cycling can
contribute to injured knee rehabilitation.

This is done specifically by using stationary bikes, in controlled training programs.
Avoiding damages to the knees needs certain care as to correct adjustments of the
bike and its saddles to the rider, proper selection of a gear, and adjustments of the
handles bars. Need to achieve a relaxed and easy position on the bike. A proper seat is
also important for relaxation, and for avoiding damage to the urogenital area of the

Cycling lacks a major need, specifically for adult people. Since cycling has nothing to
do with weight lifting or pushing, it does not contribute to bone density, which is most
needed for adult population.

Another aspect of cycling and health is avoiding injuries. Aspect of possible knee
damage was already mentioned above. Yet, injuries do need special attention.
Appropriate safety equipment need to be used to reduce possibility of injuries. Special
accessories and dedicated apparel can help protecting our body in the event of
accidents, falls and so on. Most important is to provide adequate protection to the
head by a helmet. A good helmet can be the distinction between regular injury and a
deadly one.

I would summarize with a general advice: do not exaggerate. No need for extreme
activity. Keep length of ride and frequency of ride sessions in normal orders, relative
to your capabilities. Follow your senses and do not push your body to extreme limits.


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