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Discover Sandton's Night Life


									Of all the articles written about attractions around the Sandton & Johannesburg area, I
have neglected to shed some light on the local bars restaurants and clubs which fall
within an area less than a stones throw from the Sandton hotels; all definitely worth a
visit with friends, dates and even colleagues. Notable venues are the ever-famous
Moyos, Club Manhattan, News Cafe and Tanz Cafe. At least that is all I have space
for, by no means do I not wish for you to assume that these are the only noteworthy
venues, there are many more.

Moyos in Melrose Arch is one of Johannesburgs most acclaimed dining venues,
Melrose Arch is the first and flagship branch with a capacity of up to 500 dining
guests. Local artists have done the artworks and decor, complementing the theme to
produce and abundantly African theme throughout the establishment. Entertainment is
provided by musicians, storytellers and even face-painters, making for a truly
memorable occasion. The focus of the menu is pan-African, incorporating tandoori
cookery from northern Africa, Cape Malay influences such as lentil bobotie,
Moroccan-influenced tasty tagines (stews with lamb, chicken, fish, or seven
vegetables), ostrich burgers and other dishes representing South Africa. Another
branch, located at the Zoo Lake is a very popular venue in the summer months and in
winter, the Melrose branch, which is mostly indoors, sees more patrons enjoying
Moyos with added protection from the elements.

A very popular night club is the Manhattan club in Rivonia. Grab the red paintbrushes,
haul out the party pantyhose, slip on the dancing shoes and mosey on over to
Manhattan this is one if Johannesburgs top night clubs. The music repertoire includes
classic hits as well as current chart-toppers accompanied by state-of-the-art sound and
lighting systems and played by top local DJs this top-class venue has been built to
stimulate all the senses. Featured in music videos, Top Billing, movies and more,
Manhattans has become Jozis favourite gathering spot for all party enthusiasts and has
also become well known outside the city as the place to go on Thursday, Friday and
Saturday nights.

Tanz Cafe has been voted Johannesburgs best live music venue, it is an intimate venue
with unique character and well worth a visit. Performers are of the finest local variety,
walls are decorated with signed posters of top performers and audiences are
enthusiastic all of these culminate into a deliciously charming venue. Cuisine is hearty
and flavourful including steaks, pastas, curries as well as a vast range of snack platters
and even a buffet menu. The live acts consist of local musicians and stand up
comedians. South African bands, stand up comedians and DJs are top notch the cafe
has 12 years of experience and know-how in booking top quality entertainment.

News Cafe is an international franchise of cocktail bars, flagship branches include the
Sandton branch (corner of Fredman Drive and Gwen Lane). This is the best cocktail
bar to visit and as a former member of the waiting staff I can vouch for this. They are
open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and, have won the Cocktail Bar of the Year
award for 10 consecutive years for their delicious and decadent cocktails. The extent
of the beverage menu is unparalleled and waiting staff are the epitome of efficient.
Whether you are looking for a quick and tasty bite or somewhere to catch a
contagious vivacious vibe for evening or afternoon drinks, this venue is a definite
must any time of the week.

The venues mentioned here are mere teasers of all the venues in Sandton. Staying in
one of the Sandton B&B's is the best option to take if you want to be amidst the
activities. Book now!

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