Discount Paintball - Where To Find Vouchers For Paintballing Discounts by aihaozhe2


									Paintballing is a very enjoyable sport to play, but can be expensive especially if you
have a trigger finger and use a lot of paintballs.
So in this article I will outline tips you can use to find discount vouchers you can use
to get money off when playing paintball.

Watch Out for media partnerships - Paintball companies will often partner with large
companies to get exposure to their customers. A recent example is the National Rail
Network, or Walkers Crisps. The majority of the time the paintball company will offer
the companies customers discounts and the company ie National Rail ect will
publicise these discounts. By doing this both parties win, as they both have the power
to attract more custom. So to take advantage of this, keep you eyes out for these
promotions. One long running discount voucher can be picked up from Train Station
booklets across the UK allowing you 2-for-1 entry.

Look For Price Match Gurantee's - The largest paintball companies will often offer to
match or beat a competitors quote on price. So if you can find two or three paintball
companies that offer the same gurantee on price you can often play them off against
each other to get cheaper prices. Remember to only ever use genuine quotes though,
because most companies will know your lying if you go in with ridicolously low false
quotes, leading to you losing your bargaining power.

Visit Specialist Voucher Sites - You only have to go to Google and type in "Paintball
voucher sites" and the first five results come up with different websites that list
discount codes for a variety of different paintballing sites across the UK, that you can
use when booking to get discounts.

If you use any or all of these methods you should find it relatively easy to get
discounts on the amount you pay for paintballing. One thing to keep in mind though is
cheapest, does not always mean best, it's often as easy to find large discounts with the
more established safer paintball centres, than you will find with the smaller newer

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