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					                           Painsley Catholic High School: Geography Schemes of Work.

        Unit Overview: Unit ;Coasts
Background to the Unit                  National Curriculum content
Factors affecting the coastline
Factors affecting wave strength
Erosion, transport, deposition
Erosional and depositional
Using OS maps
Development along the coast
Cliff erosion
Holderness case study
Coastal defence
Sea level rise
Developing skills of participation and responsible action
3 b) Pupils negotiate, decide, and take part responsibly in both school and
community-based activities. (Fieldwork undertaken at Dove Dale)
Possibility of CD-Rom and internet enquiries as detailed in the scheme of work.
(Subject to availability of computer rooms)
Literacy: Defining new terms, writing, and following instructions.

Vocabulary: coast, geology, fetch, energy, swash, backwash, tides, high tide, low
tide, gravity, erosion, transport, deposition, attrition, hydraulic action, solution,
abrasion, shingle, sand, longshore drift, groynes, headland, bay, wave-cut platform,
arch, stack, cave, beach, salt mash, spit, managed, councils, enquiry, cliff collapse,
defence, sea walls, rock armour, replenishment, global warming.

Numeracy: Comparing distance and volume of rivers around the world.
Geog.2 teacher’s CD-Rom: River’s assessment (see scheme of work).
Dove Dale Field work project.
                             Painsley Catholic College Geography Scheme of Work

            Year 7       Unit Title: Coasts.

Lesson   Learning                               Pupil Activity                           Activity          Differentiation
  1      Factors that        Draw field sketches of photo A and D, annotate and     Geog.2 p.4-5         Basics Geog.2
         affect the coast,   try to explain how the landscape was formed. (Q1       Teachers Geog.2      p.9 off to the coast
         geology and wave    p.8 Challenges Geog.2)                                 p.16 check out the   work sheet.
         strength.           Write a description of what a coast is.                coastline
                             Using all the photos try to explain why each is        worksheet.
                             different, pupils should mention geology and wave
                             strength. (Q 3, 5)

  2      Factors that        Look at the diagram of factors and explain fetch.      Geog.2 p.6           Basics Geog.2 P.11
         affect the          Use the UK and World maps p121, 124 and find                                waves and tides
         strength of         places in the UK and world with the longest fetch’s.   Geog.World123        worksheet.
         waves.              Waves worksheet or describe the shape and effect       Web site
                             of waves with stronger backwash and waves with         shipwrecked
                             stronger swash. (Q2b, c p.6 Challenges geog. 2).       interactive
                      Extension- flow chart explaining effects of waves      worksheet.
                      on a beach. (Q 3 p.6 )

3   The causes of     Read the explanation of tide formation and ask         Geog.2 p.7
    tides and         pupils to try and draw a diagram with annotations of
    understand the    what you have explained.
    different types   Spring tides and neap tides (read explanation from
    of tides.         Q2 p.9 Challenges Basic) add these to your diagram.
                      Complete Q3 (extension task tidal ranges Q1 p.9
                      Challenges Geog.2)

4   The jobs waves    Explain what 3 jobs waves do by reading the diagram    Geog.2 p. 8-9       Challenges Geog. 2
    do and how this   p.8.                                                   Teachers Geog.2 p   p.18 Worksheet, the
    affects the       Erosion- Read definitions and complete worksheet       17 wearing the      story of the pebble.
    coastline.        (join word to correct definition and definition to a   coastline away      Basics Geog.2 p 13
                      picture).                                              sheet.              the waves at work
                      Transport- Explain longshore drift, problems,                              worksheet.
                      prevention as a group and complete the next part of
                      the worksheet. (extension task Q3 p.10 Challenges
                      Geog.2 rock hardness, Mohr’s scale/ samples from
5   To know what       Look at the landforms on the large diagram and      Geog. 2 p. 10-11.   Basics Geog.2 p. 15
    the main           produce a table to show the landforms that are                          labelling landforms
    erosional and      erosional and depositional.                         Teachers Geog.2     worksheet.
    depositional       Go online to, hot topics and label the   p.18 sort out the
    landforms are on   blank landform diagrams or copy out the wave cut    seaside muddle
    a coastline and    platform and cave, arch, stack, diagrams from the   worksheet.
    how they are       book.
    formed.            Complete the erosional headland and coastal spits

6   Erosional and      Boardworks coastal landforms.                                           Using your
    depositional       Shared documents, humanities, geog, KS4.                                knowledge of
    landforms on our   Go through the PowerPoint asking the questions on                       landforms produce a
    coastline and      the screen, give pupils chance to work out the                          leaflet showing the
    how they are       answers before playing the clips.                                       coastal features,
    formed.            Landforms presentation p19 Challenges Geog.2                            how they were
                                                                                               formed, and safety

7   Using OS maps      Q & A session how does geology affect the           Geog.2 p 12-13      Photocopy using the
    to understand      coast/landforms?                                                        coast Challenges
    how geology        Look at the OS map and the geology, trace the out                          Geog.2 p23 and p.13
    affects the        line of the OS map on tracing paper and produce an                         map of Studland.
    coastal            overlay of the geology. Then explain what the                              Complete the sheet.
    landforms:         landscapes are like in each geological area and draw                       Basics Geog.2 p.17
    Dorset case        pictures of a landform typical of the geology.                             Dorset worksheet.
    study.             (extension-Q4)
                       Old Harry video.

8   The dangers of     Read about Holbeck Hall, imagine you are one of the    Geog. 2 p. 16-17    Basics Geog.2 p. 21
    developing areas   guests, and write about what happened and what         Challenges Geog.2   landslide worksheet.
    along the coast    caused the landslip.                                   p. 20 ‘no more
    and the            Produce a diagram to show how cliffs collapse.         landslips’
    consequences of                                                           worksheet.
    cliff erosion.

9   Why the            Focus on coastal defences and the different types      Holderness card     Basics Geog.2 p. 23
    Holderness coast   available and how they work, draw a picture and        game geog.2 CD-     waving goodbye to
    is rapidly         explain each or find examples on the internet.         Rom to explain      Holderness
    eroding, what      Coastal defence board works power point complete       spit formation.     worksheet.
    affects this is    questions on the screen.
    having and how
    we can manage
    the retreat of
     the coast.

10   Why the            Shifting sands video intro.                          Geog.2 p18-19        Challenges Geog.2:
     Holderness coast   Look at what defences have been put into place and   Holderness card      An ITV news
     is rapidly         hw they affect other areas. Look at advantages and   game geog.2 CD-      bulletin is being
     eroding, what      disadvantages of each of the sea defences. (think    Rom to explain       prepared; you are
     affects this is    about longshore drift and effects).                  spit formation.      the scientific
     having and how                                                          Teachers Geog.2      advisor and need to
     we can manage                                                           p. 23 waving         prepare a
     the retreat of                                                          goodbye to           storyboard of how
     the coast.                                                              Holderness           cliff collapse is
                                                                             worksheet.           caused and what can
                                                                                                  be done to stop it.

11   How we use the     Look at how the coast is used and complete ‘using    Geog. 2 p. 14-15     Basics Geog.2 p. 19
     coast,             the coast sheet’ (p.22 Challenges Geog.2) with an    and Atlas            how we use coastal
     understand         atlas.                                               Teachers Geog.2      areas.
     planning issues.   Conflict of land use, read the pages in the book     p. 19 all kinds of   Teachers Geog.2 p.
                        about how the coast is managed, complete the grid    seaside’s            21 coastal
                        in Q2 p.15.                                          worksheet.           crossword.
                        Extension- Q6
12   Understand the      Use the internet to research islands that are at     Geog.2 p.20-21   Challenges Geog. 2
     effects of global   risk? Find newspaper articles about sea level rise                    p.24-25 Coasts
     warming and sea     write a summary of the main points.                                   crossword
     level rise on the   Use the textbook and atlas pages in the back to                       Basics Geog.2 p. 25
     UK. What are        locate areas of the UK that are at risk and answer                    global warming
     its implications    Q2.                                                                   worksheet.
     on coastal          Think about the future and about economic factors
     defences?           and social factors for protecting different areas.

13   End of topic        Geog.2 CD-Rom Internal end of topic assessment

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