Develop A Magician Persona by aihaozhe2


									So you've learned a few tricks and now you're ready to begin performing a small
magic show. Good for you! Well, before you begin you need to develop a magician
persona. You need to have a way that you want to always act on stage.

Before you ever step foot on stage for your first performance as a magician, you want
to make sure that you know exactly how to act. You want to decide well-beforehand if
you want to be funny, sarcastic, dark, perky, or anything else. Then you always want
to keep this persona throughout all your performances.

Not only will developing a magician persona help you to give a better overall
performance, but the magician persona will help you be more confident on stage,
which will make you a much better magician. You will go into every show not only
knowing every trick you're going to perform, but you'll also know exactly how you're
going to act while performing. This will help calm your nerves and it will make you
confident throughout your entire performance.

The one thing you need to make sure is that you develop a magician persona that
somewhat fits with your personality, If you try to develop a persona that is completely
foreign then you'll never be able to be convincing on stage and you won't be able to
give a good performance.

To be a truly great magician you need to develop a magician persona. This persona
will help you give a better performance because you will be more entertaining and
more confident. Developing a magician persona will make you a much better

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