Designer T-shirts - You Can Design It by aihaozhe2


									Half a century. Pretty hard to imagine that the modest and unassuming t-shirt has
come such a long way to become a symbol of expression; expressing just about
anything and everything from A-Z, touching the lives of the wearer and the beholder.
There are t-shirts that have expressed a particular viewpoint, tickled ones ribs with
their jokes or have been downright offensive. Funny t-shirts, cool t-shirts, wet t-shirts
and what not. But the most unique one is the "Designer T-Shirt".

There is no hard and fast rule that designer t-shirts should be created for a sole
purpose and then fade away into oblivion, but can be designed even to satisfy ones
whims and fancies. It can be verbal or graphical and is left solely to the wearer's
penchant for it. It can be even used to express your particular point of view a
particular subject.

Thomas Edison once said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine
percent perspiration. The same can be said to apply to the design of custom t-shirts.
Graphic designers have to spend hours and even days to create that "just-perfect" look.
The idea for that designer t-shirt, may just flash into your ken, but it may take some
time to materialize. Once the thought, the inspiration, has germinated, a lot of other
seemingly intimidating queries popup into your mind:

What if I have no talent for drawing? Maybe I should first learn to draw? In these day
the use of computers is in one way or another - inevitable. Which program should I
use? Where and How can I learn to use these program?

Some of the most FAQs would be related to your aptitude for drawing - whether you
have it or not? If not, should you first learn how? What are the design standards?
What about computer handling? Where can I study its fundamentals? What graphic
software would best suit my purpose? And, Who is going to coach me on it?

In reality, the response to these queries are quite simple, as there are a number of
programs, ranging from the very simple to the extremely sophisticated, that are
available for drawing graphics and embedding texts. Books, offline and online guides,
giving step-by-step instructions to do just about anything with these programs are
easily available.

If you are going to design the t-shirt yourself, a sufficient knowledge of the basic
principles of design should be enough to get you started. Help is just around the
corner on the Internet. And once you have put your hands to it, it might just turn out
that you discover that you have a flair for come creative thought and you might be on
your way to become a top flight designer of designer t-shirts.

The acquisition of a designer t-shirt now throws up another pertinent question. How is
to be used? Well, you can selfishly keep it to your self or get a number of them for
gifting to either your relatives or your friends. Specifically designed t-shirts can be
used to endorse a particular product or even a specific cause. It may be given away as
a corporate gift. It is only limited by your imagination.

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