Demarini Softball Bats by aihaozhe2


									Since 1989, DeMarini has been manufacturing and producing some of the finest
softball bats on the market today. They began by selling their custom made bats
directly to consumers. DeMarini developed the finest bats for the consumer with the
largest sweet spot in the industry. Eleven years after beginning the company,
DeMarini partnered with Wilson sporting goods in the year 2000. Avid players
rejoiced when DeMarini started to produce game enhancing, next generation
technology. And the company has continued to sky-rocket to the top of the market as
THE brand for performance softball bats.

The DeMarini Vendetta sports a handle with both a vibrating dampening inner core
and a reinforced outer frame. The rails on the handle boast a distinct composition and
a reduction of vibration for a player to maximize bat swing speed. The alloy material
used to produce the bat is 12% stronger than any other on the market that allows for a
larger sweet spot. The Vendetta ranges between $169-$248.

Throughout the history of the company, DeMarini has been dedicated to the quality
and craftsmanship in each bat they produce. The design is constructed with the player
in mind and they scour the continent to find the highest quality materials used to
produce the ultimate softball bat. All components that make up a DeMarini softball
bat are constructed with the best possible distance, durability, and feel in mind.
DeMarini is constantly developing new techniques and methods to out perform any

The Demarini Bat is one of the leading softball bats on the market. The company
leads in technology and is always implementing new designs and components for the
serious softball player.

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