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Crystal Awards The Mark Of Excellence by aihaozhe2


									Crystal awards are made out of optic crystal and this type of crystal is 100 percent
lead free and it is extremely hard. It is this hardness that accounts for brilliance in the
cuts and in the bevels and in the very highly polished surfaces. Every lead free piece
of optic crystal that goes into the manufacturing of crystal awards is polished by hand
and beveled by hand.

Crystal awards are made from a lead free type of crystal that is totally clear and
completely flawless and is used in binoculars and in the lenses of cameras. The crystal
in these items gives them the flavor of excellence.

Optical crystal in crystal awards is made in large sheets and these sheets are as thick
as three inches depending on the requirements of the crystal awards being made.
While the optical crystal is still molten the crystal is put under and incredible amount
of pressure so that no bubbles will be contained in the clear crystal. The pressure also
prevents any flow lines or distortions from showing in the crystal so the crystal
awards are impeccable when finished.

Another type of crystal used in crystal awards in Black Optic crystal. Black optic
crystal makes up the material that the latest crystal awards are made up of and has
certain additives which make the color black.

One unusual aspect of black crystal and therefore crystal awards in that it does not
allow any light to show through the crystal. Black crystal by far is totally superior to
clear in quality and many people appreciate the expensive look of it more than the
clear crystal. Because it is more in demand and because it is more difficult to make, it
is much more expensive than clear crystal. The black crystal used in crystal awards is
more expensive to make due to the excessive pressure needed to prevent bubbles and
flow lines.

Most crystal has lead oxide in it. Twenty-four percent is the highest percentage for
weight, hardness and color, still ensuring that clarity brilliance and the sparkle it is so
well known for is exceptionally high. Twenty-four percent Lead Crystal has an
exceptionally higher perceived value and for that reason has been more sought after
for manufacturing crystal awards. This type of crystal is treasured from one
generation to another and is a status symbol today as in the past.

There is another type of glass used in crystal awards called star fire clear glass and it's
a lead free lower iron material which represents the absolute best in crystal awards,
though they are not clear enough for us to call them crystal. This type of crystal has a
very slight bluish tint that is very evident the mostly clear finished product.

There is another type of glass used in crystal awards called art glass and its production
can only be characterized as a tedious process of experimentation using different
types of materials designed to make different artistic effects and appearances.
A high amount of skill is needed and much precision required in making art glass
items that make up individual parts of the crystal awards. Each part is made by hand,
each one at a time and they are made by very distinguished glass artists. Each crystal
award is a unique, individual creation that varies, size, style, color and types of
materials used to manufacture it. Where art glass is concerned, when it is hand
molded, tiny air bubbles will get trapped in the interior of the glass. This is a
characteristic of the type of glass that these crystal awards are made of and is not a

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