Cricket Bat (DOC) by aihaozhe2


									Cricket bats are the most essential requirement while going for playing cricket. The
cricket bats are usually made of willow wood and provided with a treatment by raw or
unboiled linseed oil. The linseed oil performs a protective function and also helps in
increasing the friction at the surface of the bat with the ball. Willow wood is used for
designing the bat as it is one of the toughest and shock resistant.

The cricket bats are like paddles that consist of long and padded handles, and share
similarity with the tennis racquet with the only difference that the cricket bats are far
tougher and sturdier than the tennis racquets. There are various things that have to be
kept in mind while planning to buy a cricket bat.

It is essential to select a bat having proper model. Markets are flooded with a variety
of models available for the people who go in for buying the bats. The selection of the
bat largely depends on the batting style of the person. Cricket bats must be strong yet
flexible which basically means that it should be light in weight so that can be
managed easily yet has appropriate weight for hitting the ball.

Cricket bats are made available in different sizes therefore it is essential for the person
to choose the appropriate size of the cricket bat. The selection of the bat keeping in
mind the bat size differs from player to player. It largely depends on the style in which
they play and also their build. With the batting posture, one can easily make out the
size of the bat that is perfect for them.

The weight of the bat is also a crucial point that is worth considering at the time of
buying the cricket bats especially amongst the professional and skilled cricket players.
Though each player has a different opinion about the weight of cricket bat, it is
desirable to begin with a light weight bat that can be shifted to a heavy weight bat as
the player gains experience.

Not only buying the cricket bat is the essential part but taking care of the bat after
being purchased is equally important. It is essential to take care of the bat so that it
stays in best condition and works for a longer span of time. Oiling of the bat on
regular basis proves to be helpful in keeping the bat in the best condition.

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