Cover Letter

					A cover letter is a letter that that you send to accompany your CV when you apply for
job, whether advertised or when you are sending an unsolicited application. Do not
over look this tool as it can be a great asset in your job hunt.

The Job Application Cover Letter page contains specifics and tips on how to write a
cover letter.

There are different types of job related letters :

Letter of inquiry: In this type of query you are enquiring about possible job
opportunities that fit your skills. You have to give a general area you are interested in
working in.

Job Application Cover Letter or Response to an Job Advertisement: Answering a
particular job advert. The important thing in the cover letter is to show that your skills
match those for the job advert.

Thank You Letter: A thank you letter shows the interest you have in a position you
have been interviewed for.

Acceptance Letter: In this letter you state that you are accepting the job offered.

Declination Letter: You inform your employer that you are no longer interested in the
position offered.

In all cases make sure you follow the Guide on Writing Job Related Correspondence
which gives a plethora of specific tips on writing different types of cover letters.

Job Application Cover Letter

An Overview

A cover letter is sent with your CV. It can make the difference between being
successful in your job search or not.

Cover letters are generally not read during the first candidate selection, but usually
they will be read when the candidates have been short listed. Do not waste such an
opportunity. Always include a cover letter even if the job ad does not specify that one
is needed. Occasionally, job ads also specify a hand written cover letter. Your cover
letter should not be a copy of your CV. Specify some of your cover letter
achievements and be sure you know how to handle Cover Letter weakness. (Uncertain
as to what you're trying to say here).

A cover letter is a way of showing your writing and reporting skills. Your cover letter
should be customised per employer. However, if you are sending a lot of CVs, this
task could prove impossible. Try instead to have a cover letter per industry or per area.
Do not mention salary in your cover letter. If the job ad requests your expected salary
then mention a range rather than a specific amount. For example $10k -$15k rather
than 12k.

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