Contour Drawing A Fun And Easy Way To Make A Professional Looking Piece Of Art

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					Making a beautiful, simple and expressive drawing can be easy and fun. All you need
is a piece of art paper and either a conte crayon or charcoal pencil. How simple is

Drawing the human figure, or parts of the human figure, is the ideal subject for
contour drawing because there are so many and such a great variety of contours on the
human body. So get an art friend, relative or random model to sit for your contour
drawing session. Set up your drawing paper on a table or an easel. Plan out your basic
composition in your mind before you begin. You could focus on drawing just the hand,
or maybe just the face or perhaps your would like to draw the entire figure.

The most important aspect of contour drawing is training your hand movement to
follow your eye movement. The key is to pretend that your eye is the pencil that you
are moving along the contour of the body. As you slowly move your eye along the
contours, match the movement of your eyes with the movement of the pencil on the
paper. But, wait a minute, how can you see what you're doing on the paper when your
eyes are on the body? That, my friends, is the fun part of contour drawing; you can't
see what you're drawing! It's sort of like drawing blindfolded; how can you make sure
you are drawing it correctly. You can't, but that's the cool part of contour drawing; the
unexpected, exaggerations in scale and proportions that result are very interesting and
make the overall composition exciting.

There are several ways to approach the contour drawing process, as far as time is
concerned. You can draw the subject for about 15 to 30 seconds, stop and see what the
drawing looks like, then continue on for another 15 or 30 seconds and so on until you
finish or, if you are brave, you can do the entire drawing without looking at your
drawing. One final tip, if you want your lines to have some variety (a good idea) then
vary the pressure on your pencil so that your lines will get darker and thicker in some
areas and lighter and thinner in other areas. Thick, dark lines create the illusion of the
line moving forward in space and lighter thinner lines move back in space.

When you come up with a cool looking drawing, matte and frame your new
masterpiece and hang it on the wall, or better yet, sell it!