Constellation Musical by aihaozhe2


									As various sorts of pop music up surging in our life, the majority of people tend to
find out a musical style which more suit for them. Today we are going to recommend
you some music in the form of constellation classification:

Mondo bongo and Aquarius:

It is an episode in the film of Mr. and Mrs. Smith; it reminds me a felling of little
mysterious, little ease and little leisure. The rhyme of this song is perfect for the
theme of this film, in my opinion; Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the symbols of Aquarius
constellation. What do you think?

Scorpio and Burning

Scorpio guys are a group of people who prominent for their dedicating attitude toward
life and love, and deep down in my heart, burning is a song specifically writing for
spoony Scorpio
Pisces and hlne

Soft and melodious are the impression which the song hlne bought for me, the rhyme
of this song is quite match up with the temperament of Pisces prince and princess. So
I think the song like hlne must be their favorite song.

Aries and bad romance

The majority of Aries guys are tend to spend a whole life time on the way of pursuit
of passionate life. A wonderful song is always the real reflection of ones inner side,
have you find out that the rhyme of bad romance is well revealed the soul of Aries?

Sagittarius and heal the world

Sagittarius people are more likely to lead a way of protecting the harmony of nature
and human being and that is the reason why the song Heal the world is still so popular

Gemini and high school musical

It is a song especially written for the young students, love, celebration and wonderful
school activities are the theme for youth. It seems like that a Gemini person always
looking refreshing forever, that is why I recommend this song for them.

Stand and Taurus

Most of my Taurus friends are adhere a principle of live for proceeding from reality.
and the song named stand express a conception of nothing is absolutely right while
nothing is definitely wrong, not all dirty and not all clean who dare to ignore this

My heart will go on and Virgo

The Virgo people always seek for the purity of their soul, my heart will go on is a
song perfectly express the nature of purity love.

Casablanca and cancer

Cancer people is more likely to Delight with reminiscence

Star and Leo

Honestly, my boy friend is a Leo guy, last week, he purchased vitas album with a
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voice, the compose and lyrics are so perfect that worth him treasuring for.

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