Christmas Party Themes (DOC) by aihaozhe2


									Are you willing to throw a Christmas party that your guests can remember throughout
their lives? You can bring an extreme fun to your invitees by theming your Christmas
party. Think of something from the famous fairytales to the movies, and set your
guests working out these ideas on their costumes. Tailor your event with a theme
evident in its food, decorations and the whole ambience. london venue hire for this
purpose, which can help that memorable Christmas come to effect. You can try out
these themes while planning this event:

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland idea will really work for the Christmas theme party, with the
blend of fire and ice. The party decorations for this Christmas party will go themed on
the silver, white and icy blue colours. Follow this scheme of colour, which will give
you a wholesome feeling of a winter celebration. You can also arrange the eats and
drinks of this colour. Besides, you can include the decorations to take you to the north
and south poles, like the sledges and artificial reindeers.

Medieval Party Theme
Medieval Party theme will bring guests clad in the royal elegance of the past, the
knights, armours and peasants in a party venue a decorated with the Ivory tower,
vaulted cellar, tapestries and traditional music. So ask your guests to come clad in the
uniforms of the medieval times, with the perfect accompaniments along. It will also
draw a dazzling array of performances, supported by your venue experts. Besides you
can also have a suitable cuisine for the event, with the traditional carol singing in the
medieval style. Bring in a Scottish Salmon slices with a salad that includes wild herbs
and leaves. The chestnuts, mushrooms, roasted potatoes and cider sauce will revoke
the medieval time Christmas feel.

Casino Night:
Your luck might support you through the Christmas with Casino. Enjoy the Christmas
celebration with casino party. You can look for christmas party venues london that can
arrange for this grand Christmas theme party celebration with casinos. On you
Christmas casino night, let the temptations of a mulled wine to savour the taste buds
of your guests.

Christmas Carnival Theme:
Christmas Carnival theme can go really thrilling with a freaks delight playing the
ambience. Let the guests get into a Christmas costume, filling in your party dressed as
Santa Claus, reindeers, snowman and fairies. Have your venue adorned with the
decorations like bells, Christmas trees, mistletoe, and ribbons. Let the guests enjoy
singing the old and legendry carols, with delectable and tempting Christmas special

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