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Robotics Licensees
Updated: 08 May 2008

                Name                            Title                       Agency/Institution/ Company                 Department/Division                          Location                          Sector                           Website                                         Email                    Date                          Licenses                License Approved?
Pierluigi, Plebani            Ph.D. Student                        Politecnico di Milano                       Electtronica ed Informazione   20133 Milano - Italy                      Education                   N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Hazard, Christopher J.        Ph.D. Student                        North Carolina State University             Computer Science               Raleigh, NC 27695-8206                    Education                        N/A         USAR                                          Yes
Valentino, Christopher        Researcher/Graduate Student          University of Maryland, Baltimore County    Computer Science               Stevensville, MD 21666                    Education                                     N/A         AFC, Communicator, Migsock, Text Miner        Yes
Tehrani Nick Nejad, Hossein   Ph.D. Student                        Osaka Prefecture University                 Mechanical Engineering         Osaka 599-8531-Japan                      Education                N/A         AFC, Communicator                             Yes
Fang, Frank                   System Architect                     Resource Consultants, Inc.                  Contractor                     Vienna, VA 22180                          Defense contractor                                           N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Pigora, Mary Ann              Sr. Software Engineer                SAIC                                        Internal SAIC, R&D capacity    Orlando, FL 32826-3014                    Defense contractor                                               N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Epp, Edward C.                Sr. Software Engineer                Intel Corporation                           Research                       Hillsboro, OR 97124                       Private                                        N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Prir, David, Red              Network Trainologist                 General Dynamics UK Limited                 Research                       Blackwood, South Wales, NP12 4AA          Defence contractor                N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Welch, Amy                    Staff Scientist I                    Applied Research Associates, Inc.           Research                       Vicksburg, MS 39180                       Defense contractor                                                  N/A         AFC                                           Yes
Nohrenberg, Ryan              Sr. Associate                        Barclays Capital                            Securitization Research        New York, NY 10166                        Banking                                          N/A         Text Miner                                    Yes
Swart, Bonnie/Padget, Terry   Software Engineer                    ISX Corporation                             Research                       Arlington VA 22203                        Defense contractor                                                  N/A         AFC                                           Yes
Dittatatree, Krakit           Postgraduate Student                 Warwick University, Coventry                Int. Manufacturing Centre      Coventry, CV4 7AL                         Industry                                 N/A         Did not specify                               Yes
Asaad, Iman Badr Othman       Lecturer Asst., Ph.D. Student        Helwan University, Cairo                    Research                       Ain Helwan, Cairo, Egypt                  Education                                             N/A         AFC, Cal., Comm., Mig., MORSE, Txt M., USAR   Yes
Loginov, Dmitri               Graduate Student                     Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia   Environmental Engineering      Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia   Education                                               24-Nov-04   AFC, Communicator                             Yes
Sachindra, Joshi              Research Scholar                     Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi       Research                       Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016               Education                          N/A         AFC, Cal., Communicator, MORSE, Text Miner    Yes
Hobbs, Mike, Ph.D.            Senior Lecturer                      Anglia Polytecnic University, Cambridge     Computing Department           Cambridge CB1 1PT, UK                     Education                                       5-Nov-04    AFC, Text Miner                               Yes
Goel, Megha                   Student                              Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi       Research                       Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016               Education                     N/A         AFC, Communicator, Text Miner                 Yes
Gillan, Douglas J.            Professor, Department Head           New Mexico State University                 Research                       Las Cruces, NM 88003                      Education                     N/A         USAR                                          Yes
Maza, Ivan                    Assistant Professor                  University of Seville, Seville              Research                       41092 Sevilla España                      Education                                                           N/A         Micro AFC, AFC                                Yes
Silva, Rodrigo                Graduate Student (RA)                University of Memphis                       Computer Science Division      Memphis, TN 38152                         Education                                            7-Sep-04    AFC                                           Yes
Malano, Veronica P.           Student, MA of Sci. in Info. Tech.   Ateneo de Manilla University, Manille       Research                       Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines         Education                           23-Jul-04   AFC, Calendar Agent, Text Miner               Yes
Skupin, Andre, Ph.D.          Associate Professor                  University of New Orleans                   Geography                      New Orleans, LA 70148                     Education                                                 N/A         Text Miner                                    Yes
Blackburn, Terence            Ph.D. Student                        University of South Australia               Computer Science               Mawson Lakes SA 5095, Australia           Education                                  N/A         AFC                                           Yes
Gupta, Smita                  Student, Ph.D. Candidate             Carnegie Mellon University                  School of Architecture         Pittsburgh, PA 15213                      Education                              N/A         AFC, Communicator, DAML-S Matchmaker          Yes
Creamer, German               Ph.D. Student, Instructor            Columbia University                         Computer Science               New York, NY 10027                        Education                                      N/A         Text Miner, WebMate, WARREN                   Yes

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