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									      North American Portability
      Management LLC


                                 North American Portability
                                 Management LLC

What is the NAPM LLC

 • The NAPM LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company

 • Was formed for the purpose of negotiating and managing the contracts for
   LNP administration, including "immediate oversight and management" of the
   LNP administrator(s) in accordance with orders and directions from the
   Federal Communications Commission (the "FCC") in the 7 NPAC regions of
   the United States (see slide 3)

 • The NAPM, LLC membership is currently made up of companies from a
   cross section of the industry with members from:
       • Wireless
       • Wireline
       • Cable

                               North American Portability
                               Management LLC

NPAC Region Map

                    Region # 8 Canada

                                                                 Region # 7
                                             Region # 3

                  Region # 1                                Region # 5
     Region # 2     West                                   Mid-Atlantic
     West Coast

                                Region # 6
                                                    Region # 4

                                     North American Portability
                                     Management LLC

NAPM LLC History

 • With the introduction of Local Competition the FCC ordered Local Number

 • This required a national data base to facilitate the routing of calls to ported

 • The FCC in the 2nd Report and Order required LLC’s be formed to manage
   the data base administrator

 • In the beginning there were seven separate LLCs, one for each of the seven

 • In 1999 the seven LLC consolidated into one and it became the NAPM LLC

                                 North American Portability
                                 Management LLC

What is the purpose of the LLC?

 • Purpose of the LLC is to engage in business activities related to
   implementing Number Portability and Pooling for telecommunications
   services in accordance with orders and directions from the Federal
   Communications Commission (the “FCC”).

 • Responsibilities include the management of the Master Agreement (Contract)
   with the third party vendor chosen to serve as the NPAC administrator
   including the following:

                                  North American Portability
                                  Management LLC

Master Agreement Oversight

 • NPAC Vendor Contract management and negotiations, (i.e. Pricing)

 • Ensures appropriate use of NPAC data as outlined in the NPAC/SMS User
   Agreement between User and NPAC Administrator

 • The LLC ensures completion of Agreements between the LLC and the
   vendor that enhance NPAC functionality

 • Monitor the performance of the NPAC Administrator by using a set of Metrics
   and Measurements that conform to industry standards

                                   North American Portability
                                   Management LLC

NAPM LLC Meetings

 • The NAPM LLC meets once a month. Alternating face to face meetings and
   conference calls every other month.
 • Members are not required to attend face to face meetings in person. A
   conference bridge is set up for all meetings. However, members are
   encouraged to attend face to face meetings in person to maximize productive
 • Meetings are divided in two portions, one portion is open to the public and
   the second portion is closed to the public for company confidential matters.
 • All meetings are facilitated using “Roberts Rules Of Order”.
 • Face to face meetings are one and a half days and conference call meetings
   are one day in length.
 • When necessary meetings can be continued and in special cases
   emergency meetings can be called.
 • In most cases face to face meetings are held at member company locations.
 • Regular meeting schedules are determined and communicated for the year
   in advance.
                                  North American Portability
                                  Management LLC

Becoming A Member
• Potential members must qualify to be a member (see slide 10)
• Cost to join:
     • One time $10,000 Initiation fee.
     • Prorated share of current member yearly Capital Call amount.
        (Prorated share is Capital Call amount divided by 12 then times
        remaining months in budget period).
     • Budget period runs from April 1st to March 31st.
     • Capital Calls generally run from $15,000 to $25,000 per year per
        member depending on budget requirements and number of members.
     • The NAPM LLC Budget is based on funds necessary to run the
        company including but not limited to NAPM Project Executive Travel,
        Attorney’s fees, Director’s and Officer’s insurance, etc.
• Once it is determined that a potential member qualifies to be a member, an
  application is submitted and approved.
• The potential member requests an invoice upon approval of application.
• Membership begins when the NPAM LLC Treasurer receives the Capital
                                 North American Portability
                                 Management LLC

Benefits of membership

 • As the industry grows, members have a responsibility to help manage the
   impacts of rapid growth

 • The industry has become more complex and requires participation from a
   cross section of industry members to provide a more balanced view of
   industry needs

 • Member companies become a part of the decision making team (each
   member has an equal vote)

 • Member companies can help steer the future of LNP/WLNP, help with
   financial planning and business management decision making

 • NAPM LLC participation provides an opportunity to influence and persuade
   the industry with how LNP/WLNP is managed and deployed

                                         North American Portability
                                         Management LLC

NAPM LLC Membership Qualification Requirements
1.   A carrier must be an authorized carrier that has the authority under state law and the
     FCC to engage in the provision to the public of facilities based wireline or CMRS Local
     Exchange Telecommunication Services in any state in any of the United States regions,
     or have intent to become authorized within six months, or be a:

            a) Class 1 standalone interconnected VoIP provider that obtains numbering
               resources directly from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator
               (NANPA) and the Pooling Administrator (PA) and connects directly to the
               PSTN, or
            b) Class 2 interconnected VoIP provider that partners with a facilities-based
               Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) authorized carrier to obtain
               numbering resources and connectivity to the PSTN via the authorized carrier
2.   The carrier must be porting numbers in at least one of the United States regions or has
     delivered to the NAPM LLC a written declaration of the carrier's intention to port
     numbers within six months after the date of admission as a member of the NAPM LLC.

3.   The carrier must either have entered into a User Agreement with respect to the
     NPAC/SMS or delivered to the NAPM LLC a written declaration of it's intention to enter
     into a User Agreement upon commencement of porting.

4.   The carrier must not otherwise be prohibited by the FCC or any state regulatory
     authority from becoming a member.
                               North American Portability
                               Management LLC

For more information contact

 • NAPM LLC Co-Chairs

     Melvin Clay
     Office Phone: 404.927.4625

     Timothy Decker
     Office Phone: 972.718.0303


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