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					DeVry ~
DeVry University
Mid-Atlantic Metro
2450 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202-3843

                            ARTICULATION         AGREEMENT


This Block Course Articulation Agreement between DeVry University and Baltimore City
Community College is intended to allow BCCC associate degree graduates to transfer
approved credit hours into a DeVry University program of study. DeVry University will
award block transfer credit for approved BCCC Associate degrees into the bachelor degree
program listed below:

Bachelor of Science in Technical Mana2ement (BSTM)

DeVry University Profile and Accreditation

DeVry University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the
North Central Association (NCA). DeVry University fosters student learning through high
quality, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs in technology, business and
management. The university delivers its programs at campuses, centers and online to meet
the needs of a diverse and geographically dispersed student population. Classes may be
offered weekdays, evenings and weekends, and may be offered in semester and accelerated
fonnats. All course credits are stated in tenns of semester credit hours.

Baltimore City Community College Profile and Accreditation

Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) is accredited by the Middle States
Commission on Higher Education. BCCC is an open access, state-sponsored
comprehensive two-year degree-granting college with a broad range of degree and
certificate programs. BCCC provides outstanding educational, cultural, and social
experiences to the citizens of Baltimore, the state of Maryland and surrounding areas. The
College's accessible, affordable, comprehensive programs include college transfer and
career preparation, technical training and life skills training. All course credits are stated
in tenns of semester credit hours.

Articulation Transfer

The DeVry University Academics Department develops, approves, maintains, and
publishes the Articulation Agreement guidelines in accordance with DeVry University
Academic Policy and procedures. This Articulation Agreement provides a comprehensive
determination of the coursework paths into DeVry University programs in accordance with
those policies, guidelines and procedures.

1. This articulation agreement is based on:
   a. DeVry University admissions requirements, academic policies, program
       requirements, and course descriptions. References: DeVry University
       catalog/calendar; Undergraduate Academic Policy regarding Transfer of External
       Credi t
   b. Baltimore City Community College Catalog/Calendar's course descriptions and
       other relevant information.
   c. Guarantee of admission only to BCCC graduates who have earned at least a 2.25
       cumulative G.P.A.

2. DeVry University requires that a minimum of25 percent of the required course credit
   hours in a baccalaureate curriculum be completed at DeVry University in order to
   graduate. Reference: DeVry University catalog/calendar

3. Associate Degrees for which earned credit must have occurred after a certain date are
   indicated on the attached list.

4. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that for an Associate Degree that General
   Education courses shall compose at least 25 percent of the total credit hours required
   for the degree.

5. Renewal and Changes
   This Articulation Agreement must be reviewed periodically for continued validity,
   applicability, new courses and programs at DeVry University and new courses and
   programs at the Baltimore City Community College. The President of Baltimore City
   Community College and the DeVry University Metro President, or their designees,
   must approve amendments to this articulation agreement. Any other modifications to
   this agreement, including termination, may be made following the written notice from
   either party. One semester or four months notice is desired for major changes. When
   authorized officials of the two institutions sign this agreement, each institution is free
   to publicize this agreement in a manner consistent with the agreement.

This Agreement Includes The Additional Attached Documents:

1. A list of the courses or degree articulating into the De Vry programs. This list must
   clearly map the articulating program or courses into the graduation requirements for the
   DeVry programs. Any additional information used to assess the viability of the
   equivalencies (e.g., labwork) must be noted next to those courses.

A2;reement Approvals

This Agreement shall be effective on the date signed and shall continue in effect in
accordance with the provisions stated above.

     party signing this Agreement is authorized by their institution to enter into this

Aament     on behalfur their Institution.
Carolane                                             Loretta )V. Franklin
President                                            President
Baltimore City Community                             DeVry University, DeVry
College                                              University Mid-Atlantic Metro

                                TABLE OF TRANSFER CREDITS
                                       BCCC to DeVry

Baltimore City Community College Health Information Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program


 Arts & Humanities                    3 cred its
 Social & Behavioral Sciences         3 credits
 Biological & Physical Sciences       4 cred its
 Mathematics                          4 credits
 English Composition                  4 credits
 Interdisciplinary &
 Emerging Issues                      None
 Other General Education
 Requirements                         8 credits
 Electives & Degree Requirements      44 credits
 Program Total 63 & Prerequisites     70 credits

A total of 122 credit hours are needed to satisfy the minimum degree credit requirements
for the Bachelors of Science Technical Management degree. The course area minimum
credit hours are:
    • General Education - 40 credit hours
   •   Business, Management & Technology - 26 credit hours
   •   Technical Specialty - 27 credit hours
   •   Electives - 29 credit hours

Courses completed at Baltimore City Community College with a grade of C or higher will
be transferred into the BSTM program and applied to course requirements as appropriate.

          The following table provides a summary ofthis articulation agreement for the Health
          Information Technology AAS Degree Program:

          Category      Title and Physical andcredits)BSTMElective (3 Education for CRLG04 (4 credits)
                                         Will beBIOcredits)Technology
                        Arts andandBehavioralNone111 as General 102for Education as a Lab Science (4
                                         NoneT13 (13107
                        Social Composition BUAD101 to Business,
                        Biology Humanities PSY101112, General
                        English             and MAT credits), 232,
                                         CRL ENG (2credits),ENG
                                         Management 101
                        InterdisciplinaryApplicationall to andHIT BIS150 (3
                                         COMP100 112
                        Mathematics (3 credits)Technical an and
                                                  appliedother Specialty
                                                  (3     or
                                         credits),Emerging     required             PSYC 110
nd HLF   Education 135 (4 credits)
         credits) for CRLE26 112 (4 credits)
         (3 credits) for ENGL (26 credits)
         (4 ENGL for MATH221
         Other General Education


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