Charms- Ward Off Evil Spirits by aihaozhe2


									Make Good Luck Your Permanent Abode With Lucky Charms

What are the lucky charms? Is it the good luck that can attract and peoples belief in
them since ages? Or something else?

Known since centuries, the power of charms cannot be denied. After all, it must have
worked for many that they are still used and believed by people and in fact more than
people of ancient times as the number of people who wish to be buried with their
charms has considerably increased in the recent years.

Though, most people often get confused about the difference between charms,
talisman and amulets and often use them synonymously, still there is a distinction
among the three of them that has to be recognized. While charms are worn or kept for
good luck, amulets are to seek protection from dangers or to ward of negative
influences around and talisman is to attract some peculiar benefit to the owner.

Charms were earlier the songs or mantras that were often spoken by priest, but their
effects were thought to be ephemeral, whereas the effects of an object were
considered to be permanent. There are different rituals and symbols that are related to
these charms and are perceived in different ways by diverse cultures or religions that
form a part of the society.

These rituals and symbols are an important part of the society and have their own
relevance, for instance, a cross is a symbol that is often worn by all Christians or
people who believe in Jesus, even today. They believe in it and so it works for them.
That is to say, charms have the powers, but it can only be realized if we believe in it.

In fact, the more we believe in it, the better impact it seems to have on the individual
wearing it. However, some people may ward them off calling it superstitious beliefs,
but the truth still remains in the sensations that it gives to an individual and the
meaning it holds for him that makes the difference.

Some of these lucky charms even have religious significance, like fish generally
symbolizes the Christian church. This is probably related to the Jesus story when he
fed five thousand people. Fish is thereby believed to be a charm of abundance and

Also, there isnt any civilization that has been spared from charms, though these
charms can vary according to the civilization. Egyptians, for instance, believe ankh to
symbolize everlasting life and attract good luck. It also helps to keep away the
diseases and illnesses, and so it serves the purpose of both charms and amulets.

People also consider a single object or a collection of them as their lucky charm and
always carry with them or wear them. However, it isnt important for the lucky charm
to be visible to work and can either be worn under the clothes or carried in the purse,
as it suits them.

While there is no evident reason that qualifies to explain the working of these charms,
it is mere magic or powers that have been charged in them by someone who is thought
to have the transcendental powers that make it working for an individual along with
the persons own belief in these powers and magic.

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