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									Charmed Season 7

Charmed season 7 was first broadcast in 2004 to 2005 and features 22 full length
episodes focusing on the lives of the infamous Charmed Ones, Paige Matthews, Piper
Halliwell and Phoebe Halliwell, the Sisters Three.

Charmed season 7 commences with benevolent white witch Piper Halliwell (Holly
Marie Combs) mourning the loss of Whitelighter Chris. At the end of the previous
season, Chris was revealed as the future son of Piper and her husband Leo (Brian
Krause). An amusing development considering Piper was beginning to fall for him in
Season 6!

Later in season 7, Leo who has become an Avatar (which may or may not be good
news for himself and the charmed ones), goes to work trying to endure that Wyatt
(Leo and Pipers first son) does not fall into the hands of the demons who are
interested in the boys magical powers. However, with the boy and his magical powers
now taking on a life of their own, this may prove to be easier said then done!

Among the numerous plot strands in season 7 is the one involving Kyle Brody (Kerr
Smith), the Government Agent, who while helping Paige (Rose McGowan) in her
efforts to track and vanquish as many demons as she can, continually drops hints that
he in fact may not be all that he first appears.

In another Charmed season 7 plotline; Piper, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige, and
the Avatars combine their powers to create a utopia like state in earth but of course
there are consequences. Very dangerous consequences indeed!

The season 7 conclusion is dictated by the presence of Zankou (Oded Fehr), a demon
who was previously imprisoned, and once free, sets his attentions on destroying the
Charmed Ones by distorting their powers and by stealing those powers for his own
demonic purposes.

As Charmed season 7 finale comes to an end, the Charmed Ones come to a dark and
desperate conclusion Zankou can only be vanquished by them sacrificing their own

Will this be the end of the Charmed Ones as we know them? Or will they find a way
out of this supernatural conundrum?

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