Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Broadway Show Review

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					On March 6, 2008, the Broadhurst Theatre of Broadway was transformed into a
hysterical ground on account of the opening of Cat on a hot tin roof Broadway show.
Previewed on February 12, this is a noteworthy family drama written by Tennessee
Williams that entertains audience from all walks of life.

Tennessee Williams, who has two Pulitzer Prize awards to his credit, has shown how
small misunderstandings amongst family members can turn into bitter rivalry and mar
the very spirit of being one family. Issues like illness, enmity, homosexuality, and
misunderstanding are blatantly shown in this story.

The occasion is 65th birthday of Big Daddy, who is the patriarch of the Pollitt family.
This is the perfect time for each family member to impress the patriarch and ask for
their share of family wealth. This is also the right time for husband and wife duo,
Brick and Maggie, to interact with the Pollitt family.

Brick and Maggie are locked in a loveless marriage. Brick, who was once a football
player, has taken to alcohol and harbors a negative outlook towards life. After the
suicidal death of his friend Skipper, he finds it hard to dig anything positive and good
in this world. Hes indifferent to his wife too.

Maggie had a bad childhood. She managed to escape from it one fine day, only to land
into a bad marriage with Brick Pollitt. What you can see on stage is an estranged
relationship between the couple.

The story is set under the backdrop of plantation house of Mississippi, depicting the
Southern society and its decay. Cat on a hot tin roof Broadway show reveals the
unimpeachable directorial skills of Debbie Allen. She has debuted in this show.
Before that, she was into the direction of several television episodes like the
much-loved Thats So Raven, the famous A Different World, Girlfriends, and the
popular Everybody Hates Chris. This flawless director is also a performing artist
herself. She has received two Tony and three Emmy nominations, along with a
Golden Globe Award.

Every character in Cat on a hot tin roof Broadway show has given a superb
performance with respect to the emotions expressed as well as the way they have
enacted their role. They have succeeded in bringing each character of Tennessee
Williams alive!

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So, whatre you waiting for? Dont you want to know what happens of Big Daddy and
his family fortune? Who gets a bigger share of the family wealth? Dont make wild
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