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  1.Share certificates along with the Share Transfer Deed, (available with Stock Exchange/Share Brokers)
    duly filled in, executed and affixed with share transfer stamps at 0.5% of the market value on the date
    of execution of the transfer deed will have to be sent to our R & T Agent viz Computech Sharecap Ltd..
    147 , M G Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 ( Tel No 022-22671824/1825)

  2.You will have to lodge the shares, either by personal delivery or through post(preferably Regd)/reputed

  3.In case you are an existing shareholder and the order of names is the same in the existing folio and in
    the new shares which you propose to transfer, kindly mention your folio no in the transferee’s folio no
    box provided in the transfer deed.

  4. In case you are signing the transfer deed on behalf of somebody (i.e as a Power of Attorney holder),
    Please mention the POA registration number and date of registration as informed to you by our R & T
    Agent at the time of lodging the POA initially for registration.

    In case you have not registered the Power of Attorrney with us, kindly enclose the attested copy of the
    Power of Attorney alongwith the transfer deed and the share certificates

  5.A transfer deed is valid for a period of one year from the presentation date indicated in the stamp
    affixed by the Registrar of Companies on the upper portion of the deed or the closure date of Register
    of Members immediately after the presentation date, whichever is later. Please check whether your
    transfer deed is still valid.

  6.The Company provides ECS facility for payment of dividend at locations specified by RBI. which
    currenly are Ahmedabad ,Bangalore,Bubaneshwar,Chandigarh,Chennai,Delhi,Guwahati,
    Hyderabad, Jaipur,Kolkata,Mumbai,Nagpur and Thiruvantapuram. We would advise you give the data
    for ECS. ECS ensures timely credit of dividend and also loss in postal transit and fraudulent
    encashment is avoided. In case you stay at a location where ECS facility is not available, the bank
    account details you furnish will be printed in the warrant

  7. The Company has delegated to its R & T Agent the power to approve transfer of shares subject to a
     limit of 25000 shares per request.

  8. Normally, it takes 15 days for processing the transfer. Once the shares are registered in your name, you
     will get an option letter to demat your shares. If you don't exercise the demat option within 30 days, the
     share certificates will be dispatched to you. This is in accordance with SEBI guidelines.

  9. To avoid any discrepancy/objection on lodgement, please ensure that the transfer deed is duly filled in
     and executed as explained above,

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