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					Even if you’re a casual guitarist, the sort who plays just for the fun of it, you’ve
probably heard a little bit about ear training. “Ear training” means, simply put,
training your ears to recognize the details of music like the intervals between notes
and what chords are being played, as well as how to identify different rhythms. It’s
often part of college and university music programs and so on. Is it worth it, though,
for a guitarist to put in the time and effort that ear training takes?

Well, a lot of the concerns that even casual guitar players have can be addressed
through ear training. Many say that they wish they knew how to play by ear as though
it’s some kind of special, innate skill that only the chosen few can possess, but
learning to play by ear is actually one of the immediate outcomes of ear training.

Similarly, through ear training you can acquire the skills necessary to transcribe music
accurately. As you’ve probably found out, the vast majority of the guitar tabs and
chord charts available on the internet range from fairly inaccurate to completely
wrong, and the best way to overcome this problem is to do it yourself. With ear
training, it’s actually pretty easy. By the same token, ear training will have benefits in
terms of sight-reading sheet music, which is another skill a lot of people say they wish
they had.

Ear training will also improve your composition abilities, as it gives you the tools to
translate the musical ideas in your head to your guitar and voice. You’ll also find you
have a better sense for what’s going on in the songs you hear and the tendencies of
your favourite songwriters and guitarists.

If you’re playing with other musicians, the skills you can gain through ear training
will help you play with them in a more natural way; you’ll never have to ask what key
or chord you need to be in, and you can play your instrument the way you want to.
What’s more, you’ll know if you’re in tune or not, and you won’t need an electronic
tuner anymore, which was a hassle in itself.

So, if you’re wondering how much a guitarist might benefit from ear training, the
answer is: very much so. Ear training can prove helpful in virtually every aspect of
guitar playing, eliminating a lot of the hassles and worries, and allowing you to just

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