Calling Cards - Key To Cheap International Calls by aihaozhe2


									While on the abroad tour, the strong urge to get connected to our dear ones gets
suppressed by the fear of high international roaming rate..With the advent of calling
cards its pretty much possible to talk to your relatives across the country and that too
without even worrying about the call rate.

It can be as low as normal call rate. There are two types of calling cards available in
the market-

Prepaid calling cards and

Post paid calling cards

Post paid calling cards allow you to avail the service facility uninterrupted while with
prepaid cards, one can use the service as long as credits permits it. But one can easily
recharge the credits in prepaid also and service availability can be maintained. With
the prepaid service you have facility to recharge the credits only when its needed and
the savings gets positively affected by this type of calling cards.

How does it work:
These calling cards can be bought online from anywhere in the world and the process
after the placement of the order is very easy. The rate of various calling card deals can
be compared online. Once you pay the desired amount you get a confirmation
message with a PIN number. The unique PIN number is the key to the making of
international calls.

After dialing the PIN number simply dial the destination number with the country
code and the connection is established. The ease of the process is evident from the
fact that you need not go to any retail outlet and everything can be done online. All
you need is just an Internet access. From anywhere that have the Internet access, you
can inquire about and make the deal.

These calling cards are available online and various deals can be compared to get the
best out of the offers available.

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