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					When you get ready to build a toy box whether it is for your child or grandchild, you
first need to ask yourself, what type of toy box?
There are all kinds of plans for toy boxes available. Some are a simple box, others
have themes that make the toy box more interesting or exciting for the child. Some
examples for themed toy boxes are a circus wagon, a race car, or a stage coach just to
name a few for the boys. For the girls you could make them a toy box with a more
feminine theme such as a forest with fairies, or a castle made for a princess.

For the purpose of this article we are going to stick with a standard rectangular toy
box. So let’s get started. First you need to gather your tools and materials and decide
how big a box you want to build. If you aren’t an experienced carpenter you might
want to buy some plans and start small and work your way up. Also if you aren’t sure
woodworking is for you and you are just trying it out for the first time, borrow some
tools before spending a lot of money on something that is just going to collect dust in
the garage or workshop.

Once you have gathered you tools and materials be sure and read your plans or the
plans you purchased thoroughly before starting any project. This will save you from
having to go back to the lumberyard for more wood. Remember the carpenter’s rule
of thumb, measure twice and cut once, this will also save you a trip for more wood.

Now that you have read the plans you can get started, first things first, cutting all your
pieces to size before you begin to assemble the toy box, this will make the process
easier and quicker. Once the pieces are ready to assemble, clean your work area of all
the debris from cutting and get your assembly supplies together so you don’t have to
stop and hunt for something.

When assembling anything to be used by children keep their safety in mind and in this
instance be sure and countersink all screws and fill the holes with wood putty. Also
the hinge you use on the lid should be a spring loaded safety hinge so that little
fingers don’t get smashed.

Once the toy box is assembled according to the directions and all the wood putty is
dry, be sure and sand it well before putting on the finish. This will make finishing it
easier and also prevent any splinters once it is finished.

The best part of this project is when you are through and you get to present it to the
child and help them fill it with their toys. The memory created will last for the rest of
both your lives.

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