Building A Dory by aihaozhe2


									To those people who wants to build their own boat but are just starting out with no or
less experience in building one, I strongly suggest you start by learning how to build a
dory. And it is for the simple reason that dories are one of the easiest boats to build for
a DIY person because of its simple lines.

It is also one of the most versatile boat type which you can easily outfit to something
that is suitable for the purpose that you built it for.

But before building a dory, you have to go over some of the important things to keep
in mind. Some of those things are:


I always stress this to anyone who wants to ask my opinion where a newbie at boat
building should start. And always answer the same thing. I strongly suggest you start
with a definite amount you will feel comfortable spending for the project.

Why? Well, I know for a fact that most people, aside from the sheer love of building
things, wants to build a boat themselves is because it's way cheaper.

And it is. However, the best way to ensure it is to have a budget beforehand.


As mentioned earlier, dories can be designed to be pretty much what you need it to be.
So, earlier on, you would want to have a clear idea on the type of dory you want to

Just to give an example, some of the traditional types of dories are, sailing, beach,
river, bank, and motor dories.

Each has different purposes and each has different designs that would perfectly suit its
use. Like, beach dories are mostly used for fishing operation in the beach. As a result,
it has an almost round shape of its sides with a narrow flat bottom which makes it
perfect to launch through a surf and even weather tough ocean conditions.


The materials you will be using to build a dory will be hugely dependent on your
allocated budget as well as your preference. As far as materials go, wood, aluminum
and fiberglass are the more popular choice.

A good approach to building a dory is to have a very good and workable boat plan
beforehand. I strongly suggest this as a good plan will help you determine your
budget, anticipate the level of skills needed to build a type of boat and guides you to
the step-by-step process of building a dory.

This will help you avoid the common mistakes and unnecessary frustration that
mostly associated with building a boat on your own.

I personally worked with a very good set of boat plans with a very detailed instruction
and pictures that leaves nothing to the imagination, making it easier to follow the
steps to build a dory.

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