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					Spotting a Britney Spears tattoo is a little like trying to spot a satellite using a
telescope; yeah, you know for sure it's there, you know it's theoretically possible to
see it, but the reality is that it's rarely done. In the case of Britney, it's more a matter of
her not allowing the paparazzi to get close enough to photograph her and having all
her tattoos airbrushed out when she allows official pictures to be taken. Still, we've
been able to find a rundown on all her tattoos so here you go, the latest Britney tattoo
count of her 9 hit tattoos:

Coming in at number 9 is a a flower fairy: This cute little design is located in the
small of Britney's back, in what some refer to as the tramp stamp area.

Number 8 would do Madonna proud (and was probably directly influenced by her as
well), it is a set of kabbalah symbols: The three small symbols (from reports it sounds
like they may be in Hebrew) are meant to say the word "healing." However, according
to some reports, the tattoo artist made a mistake and put them in the wrong order
creating meaningless gibberish instead, a reason one should always be careful about
what one has done on one's body. A recent report says that Britney may have since
had this tattoo removed.

Number 7 is A kanji and flower: This tattoo is supposedly located on the front of one
of Britney's hips. The kanji in the center of the flower is supposed to represent
mystery, but some people believe that this particular kanji actually is meant to say
"strange, yet another case where the Britster has been getting tattoos that may or may
not be fully understood by her and her artists.

Number 6 is a toe ring, just a simple daisy chain around one of her toes forms this
Britney Spears tattoo.

Number 5 is a butterfly vine tattoo This one is also located on her foot and is
supposed to symbolize freedom, perhaps freedom from the paparazzi? Who knows.

Number 4 is a small star. This one is on one of her hands and is rather small and
simple looking. We can imagine that it is perhaps an earlier tattoo intended to show
that she is in fact a star.

Number 3 is a pair of pink dice on the inside of Britney's left wrist, symbolizing risk

Number 2 is a pink cross (we guess that she has no problem combining kaballah and
Christianity) .

And the number 1 tattoo is a pair of pink lips, reportedly inked on Britney's wrist as
the last of the Britney Spears tattoos during the same session she received the cross on
her hip.