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					Mental Photography was developed by Richard Welch. He is known as the "Father of
Mental Photography." In the last 33 years his research has proven that Mental
Photography can increase your brain powers in ways you never imagined. Tests
confirm that with this learning technique an average person can learn to read up to
2,000,000 words per minute. (That is not a typo - it really says 2,000,000 words per
minute.) In addition, reading comprehension is enhanced to a phenomenal rate.

Young children can also use this method. When elementary students were tested their
skills in reading and vocabulary were raised by several grades. These results were
achieved within only a few hours of using the techniques of Mental Photography.

According to the people at Zox Training Systems, the following list is only a portion
of the things that will improve by using Mental Photography.

1) Help your brain to learn 100 times faster than the average person. Your reading
abilities would blow a speed reader away.

2) Learn to relieve stress and relax more. So many times we are paralyzed by our
fears. This technique will help us to get passed that fear and even help us to use our
stress as a fuel to accomplish our goals.

3) Learn how to keep your memory razor sharp. Most of what we read is forgotten
within a few days. This system helps your brain remember what you read forever.

4) Help to program your brain to get astounding results using The Law of Attraction.
Being able to control your thoughts is the key to using The Law of Attraction. Mental
Photography helps to reprogram your thinking to be rid of negative thought patterns.

5) Your brain can achieve amazing concentration. Albert Einstein created a method
called "The Distraction Index" to help keep focused. Einstein's "Distraction Index"
method is one of the techniques used in Mental Photography.

6) You can enhance your peripheral vision and eyesight. Sharper vision and more
detail can change your whole visual outlook.

7) Become better organized and productive. Using different and more areas of your
brain will help it work more efficiently, getting a lot more done in less time.

8) You can actually reduce your amount of sleep and yet still wake up refreshed and
feeling fantastic.

This is only an abbreviated list of the enhanced mental capabilities a person may
achieve by simply programming the brain to learn in a different way by using mental
There is so much we can learn in ways we never before imagined.

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