Bollywood Is Not Bollywood by aihaozhe2


									If you don't know by now then know this Bollywood is an informal name of Hindi
Film Industry.

The whole world knows the Indian Hindi Cinema as Bollywood but are we proud of
such a name. I'll answer most probable questions here.

India produces largest no. of films combined from all region in an year then any other
country. There are only 2 things most important in India, they are films and Cricket.
The fan base of Hindi Films and stars are not just limited within the country but very
popular all over the world. So, why haven't we named it till now.

Internet is filled with Bolly sites as if true the term is now mandatory for referring to
anything about Indian Films. But if go to Wikipedia and search for it, the first
statement you will read is what this whole article is about.

Why is it an unofficial name ?
This is because no one from Indian Cinema has come forward to declare Bollywood
as its formal name.

From where did Bollywood came ?
Of course this is a mock up of American Film Industry 'Hollywood'

So, Why particularly Bollywood and why not some other name ?
Simple reason - The US counterpart Hollywood is named after the city which
symbolizes entertainment. As for India all the stars live in Mumbai. So, it was named
after Mumbai.
But you must think that it must have been Mollywood. But let me remind you that
Mumbai was previously called Bombay. The B from Bombay was added to Wood and
became 'Bollywood'

This also brings us to conclusion that since the name of city have been changed then
why not change the Bolly word too. This seems like nobody cares !

Why not now make it official ?
Lot of celebrities have made public statements regarding this. Mostly opposed it
because they consider it derogatory.
They don't want a copied name. Celebs like Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, Yash
Chopra all have opposed this idea.

But by now the word Bolly is almost synonymous with Hindi Films and no onw
would argue on calling it something else.

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