Body Paint Bikini by aihaozhe2


									Every woman's body is unique. They are like fingerprints. There are no two in the
world that are of the same proportion or skin tone. A female's body is extremely
complex and exhibits exceptional depth. A painted on bikini shows off her unique
stature and ultimate sex appeal.

If you've ever wanted to have a swimsuit painted on your body, don't delay because
you think it's a difficult process. Actually, it's a very relaxing and expeditious event
that you are sure to enjoy.

Step 1
First, you would most likely seek out an artist who's work you admire. If an individual
can paint properly on canvas, they can surely develop art on a woman's body. Get
references of their work and compare shop with multiple artists.

Step 2
Be sure that you are comfortable with being completely disrobed and exposed in front
of this person. If it's a stranger, then you may want to take along a friend and inquire
as to whether there will be female assistants in the room.

Step 3
Make sure your body is completely hairless. A total body wax a few days before the
session would be recommended.

Step 4
The day of the session, give any input as to what you are looking for. Let the artist
know if you are looking for a traditional, brazilian or micro bikini look or an exotic
design like scales and flowers painted on.

Step 5
Sit back and enjoy the experience. After the majority of the artwork has been applied,
the artist will use a brush for fine detail and touch ups. The average application time is
about one to two hours.

Step 6
Once completed there is a one to two hour window in which you can take photos or
show off your original swimsuit design. After that time, the paint may begin to crack,
especially if you are moving around a lot.

Getting a body paint bikini is a wonderful experience. It further expresses your body's
uniqueness plus you'll have something to brag about and show off to all of your
friends. Enjoy.

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