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					Room-sharing is not so difficult in Delhi-NCR. One can search amongst the various
classifieds in the newspaper or on the net wherever possible to get the right
roommates in Delhi-NCR.

The NCR region comprises of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad on four
different borders of Delhi. These cities are also fully-developed cities in terms of
facilities and rental accommodations.

Faridabad: The southern border of Delhi meets with Faridabad. The city has separate
boys and girls hostels to have proper room-share in Delhi-NCR. These hostels are
well-lit with all the facilities and full security. The girls feel secure and have markets
quite near to the hostels. Some people rent out their apartments to a group of boys and
girls. However, such arrangements are separate for both to have healthy atmosphere in
the locality.

Gurgaon: At present there are many job-opportunities in Gurgaon. So there are many
rental accommodations available in Gurgaon. People rent-out their extra one or two
room set to service-class people with the security of getting rent in time. This way
they have extra income from the rent.

Noida: Many people are offering place to two or more roommates working in
different or same Companies in Noida or Delhi. People always take special care to
rent-out accommodation for room share in Delhi NCR. The young people are very
busy in their work and tend to get late, creating un-necessary tensions in the minds of

Ghaziabad: Only a few people want to stay in Ghaziabad because the city is not very
safe in the nights. Young boys and girls are always afraid to come out in the dark. So
only the very safe places have roommates in this region.

The landlords prefer to allot their place on room share in Delhi NCR to young couples
and girls only. The boys are generally considered the scene creators so people avoid
keeping them as roommates in Delhi NCR.

It is always better to know the full identity of the person to whom one rents out the
place to. In cities, police verification is must or there are full chances that the landlord
will also be caught for any unusual happening.

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