Belly Dancing Costumes by aihaozhe2


									The costumes used in belly dancing are just as important as the moves of the dance. If
there were no beautiful costume the art and fluid motions would not have as much of
an impact on the audience. When you practice belly dancing you will find that
costumes add to your self-confidence and help you feel like a beautiful sexy belly

You cant help but notice that the costumes used in belly dancing will flatter and
accentuate a womans figure. In fact, the dance is an ode to the womanly figure. The
costumes used only add to the allure. You will want to accentuate your graceful moves
with the addition of some appropriate belly dancing clothing.

The Materials Used

Belly dancing clothes are typically made of sheer and the most fluid materials
available. This fabric is important to the graceful and fluid motions of the dance. As
your body moves through the dance these fabrics will float around you shimmering
with your every move. It enhances the grace of belly dancing.

The light fabrics also have the added benefit of being lightweight enough to dance in.
Dancing in a stiff and solid fabric would only inhibit the free movements of your body.
Silks and satins are the standard fabrics used for making the skirts and tops of a belly
dancing costume. They are the most luxurious and beautiful fabrics that could be used
for these dancing costumes.

The colors used in costumes are usually jewel tones. They are bright bold beautiful
colors that enhance the dance. These colors are bright and cheerful and give that
feeling to anyone who watches. While the costumes themselves are usually made
from bright colors, the accents used to adorn them are usually silver and gold.

The Accessories

Coins, chains and jewels are the common accessories used in dancing costumes. The
most traditional is the use of coins. This tradition began in the days when belly
dancers were given coins for their performance. They are typically attached to the
costume with fringe and added to the tops and the skirt.

Veils can be added to any costume. They are not traditionally necessary but can make
a lovely addition to a costume. Scarves are often used around the arms to accentuate
the fluid movements of the arms during the dance.

Make sure you like the costumes that you choose. They are an expression of your
personal taste. Also be sure they are comfortable enough to dance in. You dont have to
dance half naked to be considered sexy. In fact, most belly dancing costumes will
cover a good deal of your body.

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