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Facebook safety tips


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									Facebook tips
Interacting on Facebook allows access to the rest of the world in the click of a mouse,
but also creates challenges. In the space of a week we had two incidents of sickening
and illegal material posted on tribute pages set up for children who have had their
lives cut short in the most terrible of circumstances.

Here are some simple tips to help prevent and respond to the posting of inappropriate,
offensive and illegal content on Facebook.

1. Report comments, content and users

If you see something that is offensive,
inappropriate or illegal – report it
using the ‘Report’ link provided.

Facebook monitors reported comments
and content, and can act to remove
them under their Terms of Use.

                                              You can also report users, pages, groups
                                              or causes that you believe breach the
                                              Facebook Terms of Use.

                                              If you see something that you feel
                                              should be actioned, report it.
2. Look at your privacy settings – moderate your own profile

Use the privacy settings and moderation to help prevent offensive and illegal content
being published on your profile. You can adjust your privacy settings to control who
can see your profile, post to your wall, and leave comments.

For example, by restricting access to
‘friends’ you can prevent others from
posting or commenting with offensive
or illegal content on your wall.

If a ‘friend’ does post something
offensive or illegal you can remove the
post and remove them from your
friends list.

You can also customise security to
individuals, preventing posts or
comments to your profile by specific
                                                             With your privacy settings you can customise
people within your profile privacy                           what people can see and do on your profile.

3. Consider a ‘Page’ or ‘Group’ rather than your profile for
   tributes and issues

Facebook Pages and Groups allow you to
show your friends what you care about
while separating the subject from your
personal profile.

Tribute Pages are a common way to
recognise an individual and share thoughts
and feelings with others about significant

You can also control a number of settings to
prevent links, photos and videos from being
posted, eliminating the risk of offensive or
illegal content being published.

Where a user posts something offensive,
inappropriate or illegal the group or page Administrator     With a Facebook Page you can control what
                                                             fans can and can’t post.
can ban them and remove their comments.

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