Battlestar Galactica - A Starbuck Shaped Hole_00003 by aihaozhe2


									As expected, much disappointment has been expressed over the death of one of
Battlestar Galacticas most popular characters. Many fans of the show are mourning
the demise of Kara Starbuck Thrace, who was played by actress Katee Sackhoff, but
as usual, with the pain comes great hope that perhaps theyll see their lovely lieutenant
sometime in the future.

However, given the manner of her death, a resurrection seems unlikely. In true form,
Starbuck was riding her Viper when she was sucked into a big ball of gas that had a
storm brewing inside it. Apollo watched in vain as Starbuck and her Viper exploded
after being engulfed by an awesome white light. You have to admit, as sad and painful
as it is, there is little chance that a human being like Starbuck would not have been
blown to bits by such a powerful explosion.

Still, there is nothing wrong with having a little faith in the show. After all, it is a bit
hard to believe that Starbuck, a character that obviously has such a rich history, would
simply vanish from the face of the universe without reaching any real resolution.
Having come from an abusive home, Starbuck relished her time in the military, where
she gained the acceptance she had been longing for her entire life. However, since she
was unable to resolve her issues from childhood, she ended up becoming destructive
and careless.

Before the episode aired on the fourth of March, there were already words flying
about online that an important BSG character would die. The odds against Starbuck
was already high, and yet the forewarning did not seem to convince many of the
followers of the show, believing they were just being thrown off track. Perhaps some
of them were going through a strong case of denial. Either way, many were
unprepared for Starbucks death, hence all the shock and disappointment.

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