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Batman's Greatest Villains


									First up is, of course, The Joker. Out of every one of the characters to create misery
for Batman he must take first place. The Joker, name aside, is not to be taken softly.
He is a worthy enemy of The Dark Knight and is particularly irregular and
treacherous. Jack Nicholson did a great job of playing the character in 1989's Batman
but Heath Ledger could possibily be a better portrayal of the Joker, possibly because
of the more lifelike approach that director Chris Nolan allowed for in The Dark

Next up is The Penguin, given his name because of his appearance and its similarity
to the Antarctic bird. With his long, beak-like nose and thick body he is a rather
revolting creature. He is, on the other hand, a very sharp man. Penguin sees himself as
a person who is above all others, on the other hand he is also an outcast. Burgess
Meredith played him in the sixties series but of the actors that have played the role
Danny DeVito got it down to a tee in 1992's Batman Returns. While we are on the
issue of that movie there is also Catwoman to mention. Who could forget Michelle
Pfeiffer's sexy slant of the Catwoman? The character had already been portrayed
especially well twenty five years previously by Eartha kitt. The holder of the title to
the best catwoman is still debatable

Then there is The Riddler. Frank Gorshin is probably celebrated as the accepted
Riddler from the Batman Series in 67 and 68. In 1995 Jim Carrey became The Riddler
for Batman Forever. The Riddler, as his name suggests, is infatuated with riddles. He
commonly sends complex clues to both The Dark Knight and the police before
committing a crime. The Riddler is always dressed in a green outfit with a domino
mask. Many times the Riddler hangs with a couple of female accomplices, Echo and

Mr Freeze is the last of the villains we will mention. He originally appeared as a not
so dangerous character named Mister Zero. Eventually, he became Mr. Freeze who is
a far more dangerous character to Batman. He is a mad scientist who just so happens
to have a great understanding of cryonics. To survive anywhere except for a particular
refrigeration unit, Mister Freeze is forced to dress in a special suit to keep him amply
cold. This suit grants superhuman powers and special armaments that typically make
use of the cold. In 1997's Batman and Robin he was played by the well cast Arnold

To recap, you can easily see why The Dark Knight has such a tough job. Remember
these are just some of the villains he deals with.

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